If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, or have read past articles, then you know I’m not an Apple fan. I wanted to go in depth and explain why. I believe that you’ll find my points interesting, but I also praise Apple for their innovation.

Without Apple developing the iPhone I don’t believe our phones would be the same today. We’d probably still be running around with basic phones or Blackberry handsets with that horrible web browsing experience. I too had the first iPhone, so I don’t want you to think I’ve never not owned an Apple product before. That would be very hypercritical. I’ve owned numerous iPods along with the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 (only for 3 weeks), and the iPad.

The first iPhone didn’t even have apps that you could download. However, It was great phone that offered all touch screen, a great web browsing experience, and it allowed me to have my phone and iPod all in one. This was handy because when I was working out at the gym I didn’t have to carry as many devices. So really, I do owe a debt of gratitude to Apple for innovation.

Of course, there’s always a company that can do it better. They want to accomplish what their competitor couldn’t. Thus, I bring you Android, developed by Google. Overall, Android is a better experience. Android allows customization, flash, custom ROMs, over clocking, and competition among manufactures.

Have you ever noticed on Apple’s products they don’t give you the specifications on the device? For instance, on the iPhone and iPad, Apple does not list how fast the CPU is, how many megapixels the front-facing camera is, etc. Apple has this cult-like feel going on for the company where it’s like the people who buy their products don’t even care what’s under the hood. They just see the Apple logo and automatically buy. I just don’t get it! When the iPad 2 came out, Apple should have just taken their overstocked iPad 1 and just slap a 2 on it and it still would have sold out.

I would highly recommend an iPhone or an iPad to my parents because they don’t know enough about technology. If you’re like my parents, then great! Apple is probably a great product for you. People like my parents don’t want to have to think and learn how to use a device such as a smartphone. However, I feel like Apple is for people who want to be brain-dead and not have to think for themselves. Personally, I like innovation and customization. When I receive an e-mail I want the notification sound to be different than my text message notification sound. You cannot do this with Apple products. It’s the small simple stuff like this that annoy me about Apple. Let me do what I want to do with the product that I bought!

If a developer were to create an app for the iPhone that used the volume buttons for something other than volume, Apple would not accept the app. Apple does NOT allow you to change the hardware features around because they think the general public is too stupid and won’t understand the product. Come on Apple, do you really have such little faith in us?

With Android you can easily download apps such as Widget Locker that will allow YOU to decide if you want your volume buttons to be able to wake up your screen or only control your volume. Android is open source and they don’t tell the developers what they can and can’t do!

Now to get into more complex issues with Android, you can load a custom ROM that fits your needs! If you’re not familiar with what a “ROM” is, the best way I can describe it is the operating system as a whole. It’s not just an app your put on your phone, but the whole entire piece of software that operates your phone. Loading custom ROMs is like different flavors of Android. For instance, many of you know what Windows XP, Windows vista and Windows 7 are. They are all Windows operating systems but different features and styles. This is what custom ROMs are for Android. Certain developers create their own ROM and share it with others who find their ROM useful. Apple would never in a million years allow developers to take the iOS and customize it. That is why Apple is NOT considered “open-source”.

To each their own. That is the best I can say. Apple works for some users, but they’re just not for me. If you like to learn, customize, and see innovation truly happen, then Android is definitely for you.

I have friends and family that use iPhones, so please don’t take my article offensive. I’m not personally calling anyone brain-dead or stupid. I just wanted to emphasize how “dumbed-down” Apple’s products really are.

Android = People who can think for themselves.

Apple = Zombies who don’t want to think.