The Best Music Program to Sync Your Android Phone

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I have finally found a program that allows me to sync my music collect to my Android phone flawlessly! At the time I tried Doubletwist, MTP devices were not support (not sure if they still are.) Winamp would sync my music, but every time I would reconnect my phone to sync, Winamp would tell me that 60 or so tracks are missing on my Android device. Songbird worked in the beginning, but all new versions don’t sync properly.

I am happy to announce that MusicBee has worked wonderfully! I am able to create playlists, add music folders, watch music folders, etc. MusicBee is also fast on my Windows computer. I click the icon and the program loads in 1-2 seconds. What I also like about MusicBee is that you can install different skins or themes. I personally have always liked my music programs on the darker side. I don’t like the bright white such as iTunes. When you download MusicBee you can easily change the theme by going to File > View > Skins. I personally like the “Spooky Black” theme.

I’ve been syncing my music collection and playlists to my Samsung Galaxy Note II without any issues. I would imagine all other Android phones are supported, so give it a shot! Let me know what you think in the commends of MusicBee.


  1. I can’t seem to have my Galaxy S4 recognized by musicbee. Does your Note II show up automatically or are you syncing through a sd chip? Also have you managed to get play counts to sync?

    • I’m now using Media Monkey. I did eventually have problems with Music Bee. The play count I’ve never paid attention too. LOL I didn’t know it was even supposed to sync up with the phone.

    • K, I know this is years later but you have to enable having MusicBee see MTP devices:
      Edit > Preferences > Devices put that checkmark there.
      Hope this helps others with the same issue I faced.

  2. You need to enable that in MB:
    Edit > Preferences > Devices, put that checkmark there.

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