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Why I’m Passing on the New Nexus 7

Nexus 7

The new Nexus 7 was announced by Google on Wednesday, July 24th, for an AMAZING price, and pretty darn good specs!               Technical Details Summary Screen Size 7 inches Max Screen Resolution 1920*1200 pixels Processor 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 RAM 2 GB DDR3 Wireless Type 802.11bgn Number of...

Samsung Makes Fun of iPhone Users in Commercial

Galaxy s3

I am absolutely in love with this commercial! A friend told me about it and I literally had to watch it twice because I liked it so much. My favorite part is when the parents show up, because their son was holding their spot in line. Anyway, check it out and let me know what you...

iPhone 5 Announcement was Major Dissappointment

Apple Thumbs down

Apple announced their new iPhone 5 today, which I have to say was a major dissappointment. There was absolutely nothing revolutionary about their product. The iPhone 5 ended up being evolutionary, finally catching up with the times to try and compete with Android.   There were only 3 big changes: 1. 4G LTE. This is about time. Android phones...

Will Apple be Able to Keep up with Android?

Android cuts Apple

As most of know in the tech world, today is the day Apple announces the new iPhone 5. Let’s see how Apple is going to try and compete with Android. Will they catch up? Probably not since Apple has been in Android’s shadow for the past year and half or so. Let’s compare: Bigger screen? √ Android has had 4.3″ –...

Apple is Smoking Crack

Apple Crack

It’s no shocker that Apple and Samsung have been at each other’s throats and been in court battle. Apple’s lawyer, Bill Lee, was trying to squeeze too many witnesses in its last 4 hours to make their case. Judge Lucy Koh’s response was that Bill Lee most be smoking crack! “I am not going to be running around trying...

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