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Switching Over to Ally Bank

Ally Bank Logo

Almost 3 years I wrote about how I was switching banks from Wells Fargo to State Farm Bank. Well I’m switching banks again. This time I’m switching over to Ally bank. Now that I actually have a savings account and I’m starting to keep money in the bank (thanks to my IT degree!) I figured it’s time to find a good...

Straight Talk Sucks

Straight Talk Wireless

I used Straight Talk wireless as my cell phone carrier for about a year a half. They saved me a lot of money, but man does the company suck! Straight Talk’s customer support is based over in India and every time you call you end up getting transferred or you get put on hold for an hour or longer. This only proves to me that American’s...

Why Beats Headphones Suck

Urbeats vs. Powerbeats headphones

I’m not a music enthusiast at all. Beats headphones sound great to me! I like the sound quality, bu then again I’m not quite sure what all the fuss is about regarding these headphones. I know the reviews are mediocre and only average 3-4 stars on Amazon. So why do the Beats headphones suck in my opinion? I went down to my local Best...

The New T-mobile? OKAY!


1 year ago I would have never given T-Mobile a shot. I poked fun at their network and mocked my friends who used them. However, just over a year ago T-Mobile announced John Legere as the new CEO on September 19, 2012. At that time I had never heard of John, but over the last year I started seeing his name pop up more and more on all the tech blogs...

Ditching Straight Talk for T-Mobile

T-Mobile logo

Now that T-Mobile has launched LTE here in the Twin Cities and they’ve completely revamped their pricing structure, my partner and I are ditching Straight Talk for T-Mobile for essentially the same price. Currently we are both on Straight Talk paying $45 a month for unlimited talk, text and 2.5GB of data. However, I’ve noticed that...

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