Some Smartphone apps are just for fun, while others are more practical. While there is certainly nothing wrong with loading a few games on your new Smartphone, you should also take the time to seek out practical apps that can make the device better and easier to use. The apps listed below can help you get started.

#1 – Battery Saver

Your Smartphone is only as good as the battery that powers it. When your battery runs out of juice, your fancy smart phone becomes nothing but a pretty bock. The Battery Saver app can keep your smart phone up and running by tweaking power settings to give you more power when you need it.

The Battery Saver app is easily customizable. You can literally tweak hundreds of settings on your phone to give you the best combination of usefulness and long battery life.

#2 – Tidy

The large storage capacity and excellent cameras on modern smart phones have made these devices into portable photo albums. You probably have hundreds of photos and videos stored on your phone. And that makes finding the one you want to show your friends a real challenge.

The Tidy app helps you organize the photos on your smart phone by arranging those photos by time and place. If you want to share your latest vacation pictures or show off your new granddaughter, you can do it in a matter of minutes.

#3 – JiWire

Smart phones are great for surfing the web, checking email and staying in touch, but all that data usage can run up your monthly bill. Mobile Wi-Fi hotspots help you reduce data usage, but they can be hard to find.

The JiWire app helps you find a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot no matter where you are. The app uses your phone’s GPS to locate both free and paid Wi-Fi hotspots The JiWire app even gives you directions to the spot.

#4 – Onavo Extend

Onavo Extend helps you reduce data usage by compressing the data you send .d receive. The Onavo Extend app also allows you to track your data usage and stay within your limits.

Unlike many similar apps, the Onavo Extend app works outside the country, making it a godsend for travelers. Data usage can be an especially tricky problem overseas, with many tourists returning home to huge smart phone bills. If you are headed out of the country, the Onavo Extend app is a must-have.

#5 – Prey

Protecting your Smartphone from theft and loss is just as important as keeping it running properly. Smart phone theft has been on the rise, and organized bands of criminals have been targeting iPhones in many cities. If you do rant have a security and tracking program on your Smartphone, you are tempting fate.

The Prey app provides security for your Smartphone, but it also can track the device if it is ever lost or stolen. With the push of a button, you can get a current location on your smart phone to help the police track it down. The Prey app can even use the phone’s built-in camera to take a picture of the thief.