Managing your website’s SEO parameters may be easier on a Smartphone than a computer. Unlike the old mobile phones, smart phones of today have several advantages, such as large screen sizes, high resolution, speed, memory, and availability of a huge number of apps Android is the dominant mobile operating system with over a million different apps. Among them you can find a large number of apps for search engine optimization. In this article you will find a list of great SEO apps for Android.

1. WebRank SEO

This is a complete statistics app for your website. It collects all kinds of SEO data about any website; the data include Google PageRank, Alexa rank, Compete rank social media shares, pages indexed, backlinks, server location, IP address, and website security information. The app is also available for Google Chrome browser.

2. SEO Holic

For an in-depth analysis of your site, you can use SEO Holic. The app provides SEO data in three heads: Rank, Reports, Digital Marketing News. Within the Rank section, you can get information about your site such as link structure, keywords, heading and title tags, W3C validation, etc. Besides this, the Site Status section gives the website’s Alexa rank, Google PageRank, etc., and Site Influence section gives social media information. Reports head is for SEO Holic customers who have a paid subscription to the tool in order to manage SEO campaigns Digital Marketing News section provides a newsfeed on SEO and digital marketing from various sources.

3. Google Analytics

Google provides an app to track the web analytics of your site. The app takes data from your Google Analytics account. It’s easy to use with an intuitive interface. If you use Google Analytics to track the traffic of your website, this app will come handy.


SECockpit is a keyword research app for Android. It gathers data about new keywords from the Google Keyword Tool. Keywords are generated based on your input. The app can tell you how many times a keyword appeared in search in a month, AdWords cost per click for the keyword, and its PPC competition. It is also marketed as the fastest keyword tool in the market.

5. SEO & Link Analyzer

This is an app to analyze your website’s search engine rankings and incoming links. The app works with Searchmetrcs API, an enterprise SEO platform with a huge database of search rankings, keywords, and URLs The app provides detailed information on SEO, social media, and links.


As smart phones are hugely popular these days, many people will find it beneficial to check their sites’ SEO data through them. It’s easy and can be done on the go. For high search ranking today, you have to be constantly checking your site’s ranking stats. These apps can help you greatly in that.