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Samsung Makes Fun of iPhone Users in Commercial

Galaxy s3

I am absolutely in love with this commercial! A friend told me about it and I literally had to watch it twice because I liked it so much. My favorite part is when the parents show up, because their son was holding their spot in line. Anyway, check it out and let me know what you...

Android vs. Apple – Why Apple is For Zombies

Android vs. Apple

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, or have read past articles, then you know I’m not an Apple fan. I wanted to go in depth and explain why. I believe that you’ll find my points interesting, but I also praise Apple for their innovation. Without Apple developing the iPhone I don’t believe our phones would be the same today....

Why You Should Just Ship to Verizon NOW

Verizon Wireless

Picture it, June 2010, iPhone 4 was released. Glass front and back with an antenna being wrapped around the steel band to obtain better service. I thought all my problems would be fixed. Little did I know, they got worse. I kept hearing that Verizon had amazing service, but their unlimited data plans would be going away soon. I jumped shipped last...

HTC Thunderbolt 1700mAh Extended Batteries

HTC Thunderbolt 1700mAh Battery

I currently have the “official” extended battery by Verizon for the HTC Thunderbolt that comes with a different back cover. That battery is 2750mAh and I can get 2 full days off of 1 charge, assuming I turn my phone off at night time and I only listen to music to and from work, and while I’m at the gym. I’m getting sick of...

Android to Hold Nearly 50% of Smartphone Market

Android Peeing on Apple

I just read an article recently that Android is soon to hold 50% of the smartphone market! It’s about time! Kick Apple out of their place (which I believe they are in 3rd place now, trailing behind BlackBerry), and let Android wear the crown! Gartner is predicting that by next year, Android will hold 49.2% of the smartphone market, while...

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