Samsung Galaxy Note Ice Cream Sandwich Update Causing Problems

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It hasn’t been too long since we’ve heard reports about the Ice Cream Sandwich update rolling out for the international Samsung Galaxy Note alongside the Premium Suite. Although things looked pretty well at start, it seems that the update might cause some minor issues as a quite large number of Galaxy Note owners around the world have started complaining that the update brought along a handful of bugs.

According to these unhappy campers, the ICS update causes the Galaxy Note to overheat after a long period of browsing, drastically decreases the battery life and to make things even worst, they’re unable to pair their handset with many Bluetooth devices.

Samsung has not addressed these issue thus far, but if this is true we’re bound to hear an official announcement from them soon, followed by a hotfix. Let’s hope these annoyances will be taken care of in a timely manner and that the AT&T Galaxy Note will not have to face the same issues once Ice Cream Sandwich and Premium Suite make their way to the masses.

We’re definitely going to keep an eye out on the Note and we hope there aren’t many people affected by these bugs. That being said, if you’re the owner of an international Galaxy Note and you’ve already updated your handset to the latest ICS build, feel free to drop us a line and let us know if you’ve experienced any issues.


Samsung Galaxy Note Ice Cream Sandwich Update Causing Minor Headaches ? (Android 4 ICS)


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  1. Yep, of course, battery life is less than a third of what it was prior to the ICS upgrade.   I’m lucky if I can get to lunchtime without a flat battery after being 100% at 8am.
    Factory resets, uninstall of some apps that I thought might be the issue have not helped. 

  2. I can add or edit my contact anymore ….

  3. After updating my screen become pink colur. ….its wiered i report this to samsung care they changed the motherboard but still this hasent changed they are now telling me that they are gonna change display sucks big time

  4. Hi!

    I wonder why this issue is not more widely addressed. Everyone I know, who has the Galaxy Note with ICS update, has the same overheating problem. I’m really worried that if they don’t fix this soon, it could severely affect phones battery life, or life-span of the phone itself. 

  5. The bugs that come along with the ICS update are so bad, I wouldn’t recommend it until Samsung sorts out a bug fix update.  Battery life is now terrible. If you are away from a charger for more than 4 hours you will definitely have to worry.  I’ve also had a bunch of force close issues, the stock camera app no longer focuses as well, the gallery app has slowed waaaayyyy down and crashes more than any other app (stock, or otherwise).  I’ve noticed the heating issue too, but haven’t yet been able to tie it to the battery drain.  They essentially ruined the best phone out there.

  6. Hi i am Malaysian and owned an international GN. Sometimes before ICS took charge on my GN there was no dissatisfaction using this gadget at all. As at now, i missed the original sw (GB) very much. The ics upgrading had caused slow video streaming especially from youtube. It also overheat the processor and the screen because of these battery cannot stand longer. I love the packages those came together with the ics but what is the meaning of an upgrading if it’s only give us more troubles. For Samsung plz fix the hazardous at once!!

  7. can anyone tell me plz..i updated my galaxy note thru kies 2 days before..and now fucked because every 5 seconds it is saying that cahrging paused. voltage too high..when i take it off the charger..can anyone tell me what is this?? worried..

    • Richard

      June 18, 2012 at 12:38 pm

      What about a custom ROM? Are you familiar with those at all? That’s what I’m using and no issues.

    • Would you be comfortable with a custom ROM? I would checkout your version of the Galaxy Note on XDA-Developers and you could get setup with a custom ICS ROM. However, if you’re unsure how to do this, then I wouldn’t attempt it. You could break your phone further.

  8. and it is very very very much annoying…you can contact me on [email protected]…because i cant use it as every 5 10 seconds the warning appear on screen and the beeps….plz plz plz… and i cant turn it off becuase after turning off it keeps on restarting and vibrating

  9. i think no one is using this website… anyhow i am sure this is a software problem…because it started after did this upgrade thing..

    • Richard

      June 18, 2012 at 12:37 pm

      Have you tried custom Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs for your Galaxy Note? I’m using the AT&T version and have installed a custom ROM and am having no issues…

    • I would recommend a custom ROM if you are comfortable going that route..

  10. wirevalley…sir kindly can you tell me what is a custom rom???? i am waiting

  11. Hi, I have a Galaxy Note and ever since the update, I am facing the following problems.
    Apps closing down on it’s own. (Clearly too many applications at once is no longer a luxury with 4.0)
    Video player doesn’t open directly and crashes immediately after selecting a video file.
    More ram being used now. More battery life required.
    Things were better with 2.3 I went against my friend’s advice and now I’m regretting it.

  12. I can’t even upgrade mine. After the android bot shows up on my Note for a while, Kies can’t connect to my Note. I have to reboot my Note and then, start all over again! This is frustrating

  13. (India). Yes, there are problems.
    1) Sudden overheating.
    2) Eccentric battery life.
    3) Eccentric battery charging.Even after a whole night’s charging, the battery show zero charge. Then one needs to switch off, remove battery, let it cool a bit and then charge. 
    Very irritating.
    Dr P M Deshpande
    Pune, India

  14. battery is a big issue and one once i connect the device to the original car kit and i receive a call the phone freez and the incoming call dosent show in log 

    • i have the same issue, tried contacting Samsung and they asked me to take the phone to the nearest support center for a check and re-installation.

      • I got a software update to 4.0.4. All the issues reported above has gone away. Also the batter life is superb now, and a full charge runs for at-least 2 days (earlier had to charge 2 times a day).

  15. I can confirm the following:

    - the battery life decreased
    - overheating especially when used with the Google Navigation
    - the bluetooth does not work after pairing when receiving/originating calls
    - when connected to the carkit (original samsung note carkit) but without bluetooth connection, I am even not able to see who is calling me; the display just get dark and I cannot drag anything to take the call or even to drop it

  16. Ughh, apps kerp closing as well as keyboard. Trying to type us almost impissibe. Keep shutting down. Other apps go black. The only good thing is better wifi signal. Phones almost useless now.

  17. i had all of those problems 

    im even thinking about changing my phone

  18. My phone continues to crash since update. 
    -black screens
    -Bluetooth connectivity issues
    -music player and google music player will not work at all
    - battery life is poor
    - will not sink email correctly and very time consuming
    - phone freezes continually
    I have now returned my phone and exchanged with ATT for a refurbished phone that is running on Gingerbread after nothing would help fix the bugs with the ICS upgrade. I had wasted hours trying everything from factory resets, re-installing ICS, and deleting all my apps. I lost a 35 dollar screen protector due to the phone exchange. It is a shame that Samsung destroyed a perfectly good phone and cost me hours of aggravation and lost data. Needless to say, Samsung does not seem to be concerned at all. I will never buy Samsung again and will go back to the HTC which never gave me a problem again. What a disappointment. :( I would have been a little more forgiving if Samsung would stand behind their products and value costumer service a little more. What a waste of a three hundred dollar upgrade. 

  19. Hello all,

    very good news from my side. After updating to ICS 4.0.4 (German version) I’ve got all problems solved. I can phone/receive calls now in landscape mode from the car without any problems at all. However, the Samsung support at least in Germany is a totally no go. For some weeks ago, after describing the problems here and hinting them to this forum, the first answer was to sent the phone by post to be checked by them !!! I answered that this is not a viable solution because I cannot miss my Note for some days and they should try better to solve an obvious general problem.

    The second answer was that I should try a factory reset and whatever other stupid general attempt (even if I informed them from the first email that I already tried a factory reset and this did not correct the problem).

    For this reason, I would not bother to get the feedback to Samsung support.

    However, I will just summarize here the steps that I did and solved the problem (no idea what is really relevant among them):

    1. updated to ICS 4.0.3 (2-3 months ago)
    2. noticed that the lansdcape modus phone did not work
    3. also noticed that the voice command did not start anymore (but wasn’t interested in it however; I just know that was working before the update)
    4. did a factory reset; the voice command program will start (just a test, not using it)
    5. the landscape modus still not working (with or without bluetooth connection to my car)
    6. removed the bluetooth phone pairing with the car
    7. bluetooth re-paired with the car: the problem persisted
    8. received and installed the update ICS 4.0.4
    9. noticed that the voice command does not work any longer
    10. removed the bluetooth phone pairing with the car
    11. bluetooth re-paired with the car
    12. the landscape modus is working now
    13. the voice command is also working

  20. too manys bugs !uncountable

  21. my father in law had a new galaxy note last week. he put his phone at his breast pocket. ay night he realised it it RED over the whole patch ski. area where the phone.

    this is terrible for hraltg.

  22. Hi all, I have purchased Samsung galaxy Note 10 days ago. The Phone overheats suddenly, most probably when i put it on charging. It seems like, the phone will blast coz of overheating. I am worried a bit, Please Help find a solution to this problem.

  23. I used galaxy note (indonesian version) and my gnote overheating after upgrade to ICS

  24. After i upgraded my Galaxy Note to ICS, its cant detect the sim card and displayed message ” Enter Network Security Lock Key”. What does this mean?

  25. Hi Lovleen. It is happening the same behavior with my Galaxy Note. Could you solve your problem? DId you put a complaint to Samsung?

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