Google has been long rumored to plan the release of a new Android OS flavor before the end of this year, and not the Android 4.1.2 update that is currently rolling out on Nexus smartphones and on Motorola’s XOOM WiFi tablet PC.

Dubbed Android 4.2 but with no sweet name next to it as of yet (although some suggest that Google will attach Jelly Bean to it as well), the platform is said to be en-route to the market on a host of new Nexus devices coming from more than just one manufacturer.

LG is one of these, and its phone has already emerged in a review as Nexus 4, although it hasn’t been made official as of yet.

Nevertheless, it was seen with Android 4.2 on board, and the platform has been extracted from it and torn to pieces already.

To be more precise, the guys over at Android Police grabbed the ROM and took it for a spin, providing us with info on what to expect from the upcoming major platform upgrade from Google.

One thing that should be noted right from the start is that the build is not final, although apps in it are mentioning 4.2 and point to JellyBeanMR1 (for those out of the loop, 4.1.2 is JellyBeanMR0).

One thing that the ROM appears to be suggesting is that Google might be set to pack the stock platform with Quick Setting, nothing else than the notification power controls for radios, brightness and the like, the aforementioned news site reports.

Apparently, Google might include two pulldowns in the upcoming platform release, one to open the notifications and the second one to receive access to quick settings.

The status bar is visible when the notifications panel opens in the new OS release, while the panel has been set not to go all the way to the bottom, as it does today.

You can learn more on the findings through the video embedded below, or through heading over to this article on Android Police to read more on their thoughts on these changes.

Source: Softpedia