Why Apple Rubs Me the Wrong Way

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People always ask what I have against Apple. I wouldn’t say it’s the company as a whole, or even their products. I just mor or less can’t stand STEVE JOBS. He needs to take that stick out of his butt. I absolutely hate supporting people like this.


It should come as no surprise to most Apple watchers that Steve Jobs is a tough boss who expects the best. But what happens when you disappoint the Apple chief? Take cover, according to a new profile from Fortune.

In a brief excerpt, the magazine describes the 2008 roll-out of the MobileMeemail client and Jobs’s reaction when it fell flat.

“Can anyone tell me what MobileMe is supposed to do?” Jobs asked the MobileMe team after gathering them in an Apple auditorium. After someone provided the correct answer, Jobs reportedly said, “So why the f**k doesn’t it do that?”

Jobs then told the team that they should “hate each other for having let each other down,” Fortune’sAdam Lashinsky reports. Jobs pointed to a bad review from the Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg as an example of the fallout and promptly named a new executive to run the team.

Fortune said the MobileMe incident provides “a rare glimpse at how Apple really operates.” While Apple is an innovative and exciting place to work, “Apple also is a brutal and unforgiving place, where accountability is strictly enforced, decisions are swift, and communication is articulated clearly from the top,” Lashinsky writes.

Rumors about a revamped MobileMe have been circulating for months. Most recently, Apple ended two long-offered rebates for MobileMe and iWorks, fueling speculation that it will launch revamped versions of both software suites. Announcements could be made at Apple‘s June Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), which will have a particular focus on the future of iOS and Mac OS X.

On Monday, meanwhile, BrandZ named Apple the most valuable global brand, followed by Google.

The full profile is available in the May 23 print edition of Fortune, as well as on its iPad app.

Source: PCMag



  1.  I just found your blog and I will share my thoughts about the post you made, this is my first one.

     Apple’s management doesn’t bother me and Steve Jobs is a recovering poorly dressed geek. Apple has made the mindless popular with companies by constantly dumbing down product. The Iphone is a great gadget but a horrible phone, yet its locked down and there’s not much power users can do with it. 

      People keep buying their stuff at premium cost which begs the question -

     Is there’s a culture war developing in electronics? 

     There’s already a digital divide, I don’t think there should be any surprise there’s a ghetto or low income section of the technology universe emerging. Why are people spending several thousands of dollars for a Apple Macbook laptop and consider the Macbook Air at $500 a bargain??? Thousands of people around America stood in line for the Ipad 2. Yes most of these people are from high tech sector or from high paying jobs usually in finance or marketing/promotion. Why that thing when there are three excellent Android based tablets? 

     Apple to their credit as figured out marketing and only gives people what they think they want. 
     The only problem with that is he trying to force changes on the internet that aren’t really needed. Which is his fight with Adobe’s Flash. Forcing the content providers online to embrace two different or even three different media formats (Silverlight, Flash, HTML5).

     We have much bigger problems with the internet than weather Apple wants to support Flash or not and if they don’t the internet should change to conform to them and their 20% of the PC market while the other 70% uses Windows/x86/Linux. 

    • I like your thoughts. You are right though, people keep buying Apple products at a premium price. It will continue until enough people stand up and say “We’ve had enough!”

      When my teacher said he chose Android over Apple, it was because of the price. The cheaper price appealed more to him. Hopefully this trend continues. However, there will always be those Apple cult “fanboys” who buy whatever Apple comes out with because they think they “need” this product. 

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