There is an unspoken love between men and their favorite sports teams. Whether you’ve rooted them on since you were in diapers, claim them as your alma mater, or just have a favorite player, your love of sports no doubt borders on absurd. Few guys have the time to stay connected to all of their beloved franchises and universities in the way they’d like. While most guys would prefer to attend games or catch them live on the big screen at home, life is full of distractions and obligations.

You have a yard to mow, a job to perform during the week, and maybe even children to raise. Fear not guys, there is a solution to your time constraints when it comes to staying up to date with your favorite team. The following apps are the best programs available in 2014 to help you keep an eye on everything from news to scores for your team.


The four-letter network (ESPN) has been the king of sports for almost two decades now. When it comes to dominating the mobile landscape, ESPN doesn’t have the same advantage. Goode Play listed theScore as one of itstop “Play Picks” in 2013. This free app provides up to date scoring from all four major sports leagues in the United States, as well as foreign leagues such as the Barclay’s Premier League, Spain’s La Liga, and the UEFA Champions League.

Additional features of theScore include one of the best breaking newsfeeds available with headlines from top publications around the globe. There is quite literally no league or team on Earth that theScore can’t help you track.

Team Snap

Professional teams and leagues are not always the franchises that attract the most loyal fans. Team Snap helps fans, parents, and coaches better interact and more efficiently manage youth teams. The app can help team managers and coaches track a high school hockey team or a weekend adult rec league football squad. With the help of the app, you can organize the day-today communication and schedule of your team, collect photos, and message team members directly to improve coordination.

Yahoo! Sports

You won’t find ESPN on this list, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find some major tech names creating useful apps. Yahoo! Sports offers the best speed and real-time updates of any app available for mobile consumers. You can select your favorite teams in a variety of sports, from the NHL to NCAA basketball. When you launch the app you’ll be shown your favorite teams’ scores, updates, and newsfeeds first. From there, you can browse scores and other information from a variety of leagues. Asa delightful bonus, you can access your fantasy teams from the app as well.


For all you guys that .w the movie Moneyball, Gamechanger is the app for you. This app brings the analytics of professional sports to youth teams. Parents, coaches, and team managers can use the app to document the performance of individual players, produce a wide variety of analytics, and then provide suggestions on how the player can improve before the next game, practice, or meet.


When you do have the time to sit down and watch the game, THUUZ is there to help you out. The app provides you an inside scoop on upcoming games from your favorite leagues, as well as alerts that tell you what games are coming up, when they start, and where you can watch them. Out and about with no way to watch your favorite team on TV, THUUZ has you covered there too. The app has on-the-go updates to inform you of the latest injuries; highlight plays, and potential no-hitters when they’re in progress.

No matter what you’re interest in sport is there is an app available that can help you stay connected to your favorite teams and players. With the help of these apps you’ll always be connected to your favorite teams, no matter what life throws at you.