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Android Tops iOS as Top Mobile Ad Platform

Android Eats Apple

  According to the Q2 report from publishing firm AdFonic, Android has surpassed iOS for the first time in the number of mobile ad impressions served globally. Google’s Android operating system accounts for 46% of the ads served by Admedia during Q2 2012 (up from 38% in Q1), while iOS stands at 34 percent, down 11 points since Q1. Although...

Android vs. Apple – Why Apple is For Zombies

Android vs. Apple

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, or have read past articles, then you know I’m not an Apple fan. I wanted to go in depth and explain why. I believe that you’ll find my points interesting, but I also praise Apple for their innovation. Without Apple developing the iPhone I don’t believe our phones would be the same today....

Sad to See BlackBerry Fall This Fast


A group of investors gave RIM six months to turn their shares around or co-CEOs Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie could lose their titles. I’m quite sad to see BlackBerry fall this fast. I remember I got my first BlackBerry when I was a senior in high school. I had the model with the scroll wheel on the side. I thought I was the coolest...

Goodbye Apple, Hello Android


By next year, 2012, Android will be running on 49.2% of all smartphones worldwide, according to ComScore. While Apple’s iOS will drop to a measly 18.9%. Android is now activating 500,000 devices each and every day. This is up from the 100,000 that Android was activating 1 year ago and up from 300,000 a day that were being activated in...

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