HTC Thunderbolt Updated Gingerbread 2.3.4

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Back on July 5th, 2011 I wrote an article how I updated my HTC Thunderbolt to Gingerbread 2.3.4 by installing a custom Das BAMF 2.1 ROM onto my Android phone because I couldn’t wait for HTC and Verizon anymore. The update was suppose to come June 30, 2011 and after Quarter 2 ended with no Gingerbread in sight, I took matters into my hands.

Das BAMF 2.1 was a good first custom ROM for me to install. However, I didn’t realize that more version have been released since then! RC1 – unofficial RC5. Each release fixes known issues and has improvements. Last night I installed the RC5 release which hasn’t been “officially” released. However, on Android message boards I read that the RC5 build was very stable, snappy, and was an improvement over RC4. I did NOT install RC1 – RC4 so I can’t say for sure if RC5 is better than the others. However, I will assume it is since RC5 is a later build.

After installing RC5 last night, I’m happy to say I have not seen any significant problems. I actually prefer Das BAMF Sense 3.0 RC5 over the Das BAMF 2.1. The reasons why?

  • The camera is no longer laggy. I can take a picture without the display being delayed by a couple seconds.
  • I no longer receive “Force Close” messages on RC5. (I may have received like 1 or 2 when I first booted up the phone. But since then, I’ve turned the phone off, pulled the batter, done plenty of restarts, and I have not received anymore error messages. RC5 defiantly feels more stable.)
  • When I installed the RC5 build, I did NOT have to worry about installing a radio update after the ROM flash. I had 4G service immediately after the phone started up.
  • 6 cell phone bars instead of the standard 4 that Verizon usually has! FINALLY! I use to be on AT&T (yuck) and I was always use to having 5 bars of service. When switching to Verizon, 4 always seemed a little odd. So I’m happy to say I really like having 6 bars on my HTC Thunderbolt now.

Here are a couple things I don’t like in the RC5 build:

  • When you open up your app drawer to display all your apps and scroll through them, it no longer flips by pages or in sections.
  • The weather sounds aren’t as nice as the Das BAMF 2.1 sounds. When my weather is updated as being sunny outside, the sound is too loud, too long, and too annoying. I’m turning weather sounds off.

UPDATE: There seems to be a little confusion with RC 4.9 and RC5. It seems RC5 would be a later built, but it’s not. RC5 was just a “preview”. If you’re looking to install a custom ROM and would like the latest as of today from Das BAMF, then you’ll want RC 4.9. Every one keeps saying this is the most stable version. You can download RC4.9. If you’re looking to download RC5, please see below.

I have not noticed any changes from RC5 to RC4.9 and I have not experienced any stability issues. Both ROMs have worked great for me. However, Hulu+ does NOT work for me. It always crashes after I try to start playing a video file.

If you’re interested in downloading Das BAMF Sense 3.0 RC5 you can do so. Your phone will already have to be rooted and you’ll have to have a ROM Manger app installed on your phone so you can install a custom ROM from your SD card. If you have questions or need help, please feel free to ask me.

PLEASE NOTE: I may have to take the file down if I get bombarded with download request. I have limited bandwidth available each month. If this happens, the file is on RapidShare and other file hosting websites.



  1. Please post the md5sum of so we can be sure we got a good download.  Thanks for posting — I’ve been looking to try out RC5 !!

    • What is the md5sum?

      I posted the .zip file in my post. This is the ROM I installed on my Thunderbolt and it works amazing! Still no issues a couple days after doing it and it’s still running snappy as ever!

      • md5sum just takes a hash of the file.  it’s a very quick way for people to ensure that their download was *not* corrupted.  For instance, my download of has the md5sum: 9ae7ed3a0c1cfae0d0353c355934c721

        • How do I find it for this download?

          • Oh, by the way. I got the RC5 version from the XDA forums. However, whenever you go to download files from those sites, they redirect you to a site that has too many popups and the bandwidth is throttled. That’s why I figured I’d post it here :-) I haven’t got too many requests. I’m still under 10% for my total bandwidth limit for the month. 

          • For some reason, my post containing a link to an md5summer program requires approval from a moderator before it can appear?  hmm….

          • don’t worry about it — I just confirmed the correct md5sum based on somebody else’s post. (search google for 9ae7ed3a0c1cfae0d0353c355934c721)  I’m excited to flash this ROM after I get home from work!

          • Awesome! Have you flashed your phone yet with this ROM? What’ya think? I’m loving it! (besides the weather sounds)

            Did you already have your phone rooted? What ROM are you or were you currently running before this one? Stock?

  2. Thanks very much.  The one negative to the das Bamf team is they fail to centralize their web presence.  I too thought that 2.1 was their latest release I installed it a few days ago (interestingly enough for the same reason you did).

    Thanks for sharing this, I must say I am loving the improved camera (to be honest, the lag in the 2.1 camera was in my opinion a deal breaker), and the overall improvements, especially in the kernel..     

    • I think they’re getting better. Something happened over on XDA. The bamf team now has a site but it’s been down on and off due to attacks. They’ll figure it out. Just glad it’s getting in orderly fashion.

      I agree though, thought 2.1 was the latest and wasn’t! It was frustrating with the camera and random force closes. I love the RC5 build! So you have it completely loaded now?

    • Oh wait, just read your message again, so you do have it loaded. I know how to root and load custom roms, but what exactly does the kernel do and how can one be better over another (such as one can improve battery life) I don’t get it.

      • The Kernel in its simplest  terms is the core functions of the OS.  I especially like all the additional slots they have now on the kernel RC5 comes with for over and under clocking.

        • Is the overclocking working for you on the RC5 ROM? I tried setting the overclocking to a few different settings and every time the phone would lock up within a matter of minutes. I turned the overclocking off and unchecked the box “apply on boot”

          Even with overclocking off, the phone is still really fast and snappy. I don’t get any lagging whatsoever.

          So what kernel are they using in this RC5 build? Do you know what the improvements are over stock?

          • This build was actually the Pre RC5 build, which proved to be a bit on the unstable side.  id suggest checking out the RC 4.9 build, it is far more stable.

            As for the overclock, I wouldnt exceed the 1.6ghz slot, as above that I had the same issue with crashing

          • I haven’t had any issues with RC5 besides the overclocking (which is fine, I don’t need to overclock).

            Other than that, it’s been perfect! What issues have you been experiencing?

          • I had a lot of reboots about a day after installing it.

            RC 4.9 is actually more current than the pre RC5, though the naming convention seems to imply the opposite.

    • P.S. don’t forget to like me on Facebook! (if I you want) it’s on the homepage, top right corner. Up to ten so far, woot woot!

      Also forgot to mention I can now run Swype beta successfully on my Thunderbolt! Before on the stock ROM swype wouldn’t automatically put in the spaces between words, works fine now on custom ROM.

  3. I’m in the process of rooting my TB and would like to try this using the CM Rom Manager.  I’m quite new at this, can you give the steps to use the Rom Manager to put this on your phone?

    Thanks in advance!  Great article.

    • Do you already have your HTC Thunderbolt Rooted? If so… it’s smooth sailing from there on.

      Download the custom ROM that I posted in this article. Place the .zip file somewhere on your SD card. I placed mine in a folder called “Download”.

      Go into the Android Market > Type in ROM Manager > Should be the first app by ClockworkMod

      Once the app is downloaded, open it up and before you do anything you’ll have to click the option “Flash ClockwordMod Recovery” it’s the very top option.

      After that’s done you can choose the option that says “install ROM from SD card”. You’ll then locate the .zip file that you placed on your SD card to tell the app “this is the custom ROM I want to install.”

      A window will popup with 3 options to check. Backup your current ROM, clear cache, and 1 other option (can’t remember). CHECK ALL 3! You always want to make sure you backup your current ROM incase something goes crazy.

      Sit back and the phone will restart and install the custom ROM. Should take less than a couple of minutes.

      Let me know how it goes!

  4. This may sound dumb but can you tell me the step by step process on how to put 4.9RC on my phone. I am currently using 2.1 and have had the same issues you did, with the camera and force closes. I had my co worker root my phone so im very new at this but the camera issue is becoming unbearable.

    • Since you’re already rooted, this makes the process much easier.
      1. Go to the Android Market and download the app called ROM Manager.
      2. Open ROM Manager and on the very top of the app there is an option to “Flash ClockWorkMod Recovery” click this option and it’ll only take a few seconds to do. You’ll only need to do it once.
      3. Download the RC4.9 file that I’ve placed on my website. You’ll have to register on the forums to see the download link, but registration is free.
      4. Place the .zip file on your SD card
      5. Go back into ROM Manager and choose the option “Install ROM from SD Card” then locate the .zip file you placed on your SD card and you’ll be on your way to running RC4.9!
      DON’T FORGET TO CHECK THE 2 BOXES THAT SAY CLEAR CACHE! They will appear after you chose the .zip file from your SD card. There’s a third option that asks you if you want to backup your current ROM. However, if you’re running RC2.1 then I don’t see why you would want to.

      Let me know how it goes! I’d love to know. Also, if you appreciate my help, please “Like” me on Facebook. It’s on the homepage in the upper right-hand corner of the site.

      • can anyone tell me… i installed rc4.9 im on the screen that says install successful now how do i get out of this screen do i go back or do i have to install something else?

  5. another dumb ?… i do have rom manager already on my phone so i once i select  install rom from sd card do i need to do anything else… or does the phone just turn off and reboot and thats it? sorry for all the ?’s but i am 1clulesgrl when it comes to all this phone rooting stuff… thanks for all you help/advise

  6. OMG it worked… I did it… Disregard all the other posts from me… THANK YOU… THANK YOU… Thanks for making it so easy…

  7. Help.. I did this, and it worked fine.. only major problem i have is it will not connect to verizon’s network at all.. No cell service or 4G.. Please help

    • After installing a custom Gingerbread ROM on the HTC Thunderbolt you need to update the phone with a new radio file. This is the easy part. Head on over to the message board, go to the tools section and download the MR2 radio. Instructions are included in the post and you’ll get back 4G service ;-)

      • Ok.. all i found was MR3 radio?  i assume this is the right one.  Also.. This is my first time doing this.. Can verizon find out if i did this to my phone?  I’m on a family plan and i dont want them to terminate us if they find out or anything.. But if they caint find out.. then i’m not worried.

        • Sorry i found the MR2 radio.. it was bellow it.. MR2 radio for gingerbread.  But please answer the question about the verizon finding out.. Thanks

        • You can try either MR3 or MR2. Personally, I’ve been using MR2 the longest on a wide variety of ROMs with no issues. Here is the MR2 link: //

          Also, no Verizon can’t tell what you’re doing :-) The only thing I would not recommend, is if you’re going to use Wireless Tether on your phone and you have unlimited data, don’t be using 50+GB of data each month, otherwise they can ‘assume’ what you’re doing. But no, other than that they can’t tell.

          • Ok.. great.. i do have unlimited and i just got a tablet.. they already charge me 30 dollars a month for internet, and they want to charge another 30 for the wifi teather.  and thats just crazy.  I normally range from 2-3GB a month.. but dont plan on using the wifi teahter much.. just wen needed… also will the data widigit from verizon work on this? 

          • On custom ROMs the Verizon app has not been working for me that lets me see how much data I’ve used. However, I’m like you with unlimited data, and i don’t use wifi tether much, so I don’t worry too much about it. If I was on a limited data plan, I would just be logging in to more often. However, we’re grandfathered in to unlimited data, so looks like we’ll be with Verizon for a long time ;-)

          • does the radio work for 3G and 4G.. I’m only getting 3G now..

          • Works for both. Give it a minute. My custom ROMs always used to say 3G then they’d switch over to 4G. If it still doesn’t work, try turning on wifi, turning it off, and then see if it’ll connect to 4G.

            If that still doesn’t work, try another radio file.

            Also, when you’re done flashing the radio, please remove it from your SD card. You no longer will need the file because once you flash it, it’s good forever (until you try another radio). Plus, if you ever need to boot into recovery mode, the will prevent that from happening and you’ll go mad trying to figure out why! lol

          • ok.. that worked.. also, can i format the SD card.. I have a lot of stuff on there from before it was rooted… will that mess with any recovery files?

          • If you format the SD card, anything on there will be erased. I take it this is where your recovery files are? You wouldn’t want to format then.

  8. Ok thanks for your help.. The only thing i notticed that is different is under the notification bar, Verizon Wireless is no longer there..  Is that supose to be on there?  or am i missing something?  I also cannot change the Bootup screens like i’m supose to in the app listed on the device.

  9. HELP!!!  I’m Having A HUGE PROBLEM!!!!  When my phone is locked.. (Screen Turned Off but Phone still on) i cannot answer any calls… It just goes to when i’m normally on a call..  All i can do is END CALL..  If i’m in the phone.. with the lock screen off, it will allow me to decline or take call.. but when phone is locked… all i can do is end call…
    PLEASE HELP ASAP.. I’m expecting a call from a company that i had a second interview for.  Thanks in Advance

  10. Can Someone Help Please.. I have the Son of a Bliss with sense 3.5 version 1.04 on my phone.. and i can not get 3g or 4g signal.. Can someone please let me know what radio to use?  i am getting a good cell signal.. Thanks

    • hey check out on you tube “thunderbolt sense 3.5″ from halfcab123 there is a link for the radio that goes with that rom im using it

  11. I cannot get any custom roms to work on my t bolt can someone help

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