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CyanogenMod 7.1.1 Stable ROM for HTC Thunderbolt

CyanogenMod 7 HTC Thunderbolt

CyanogenMod is a VERY popular ROM that has been ported onto many Android phones. Since the spring of 2011 CyanogenMod has been in testing to get it successfully ported over to the HTC Thunderbolt. Now, it’s not officially listed on their site but the user that goes by the name of ‘slayher’ has been working on this and has finally...

Fix Voicemail Notification on Custom Gingerbread ROMs

Gingerbread Voicemail

This is a solution to fixing the voicemail notification that many custom Gingerbread ROMs are being plagued with. However, in the end I found this to be a much better fix because it’s a work-around to get FREE visual voicemail without having to pay Verizon $2 a month. Visit the Android Market on your phone and search for...

How to Install a Custom Android ROM


FIRST OFF, YOUR PHONE MUST ALREADY BE ROOTED. I’m assuming your phone is already rooted. With that being said, please move forward. If you’re looking to root your HTC Thunderbolt, you can read my guide here and download the files necessary to do this.  Here is a guide to installing a custom ROM on your Android phone using ROM Manager....

SkyRaider Zeus Preview Gingerbread ROM for HTC Thunderbolt

SkyRaider Zeus Preview - HTC Thunderbolt Gingerbread ROM

SkyRaider Zeus Preview is by far my favorite ROM to date for the HTC Thunderbolt. Why? It just works. It’s fast, stable and not hard to figure out. Although, there aren’t a whole lot of bells and whistles such as overclocking, option to toggle between 3G and 4G, I would rather run a stable ROM and then go download apps from the market...

HTC Thunderbolt Gingerbread “Uber BAMF” Download

HTC Thunderbolt Gingerbread

Das Bamf has come out with another custom Gingerbread ROM for the HTC Thunderbolt. This build is a hybrid of the 2.1 ROMs and Sense 3 ROMs all rolled into one big hot-swappable “uber” ROM. Team Bamf is calling this a “preview” build. Therefore, it is not a final build, will have bugs, and is missing some features. Now as...

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