Many people don’t know this, but you can buy a Starbucks gift card (minimum $5) and register it for FREE at and after your first five purchases you’ll begin to save money on almost every drink! As far as I know, Starbucks doesn’t really promote this. The only way I found out about this program was through a friend who use to work at Starbucks.

Here’s how it works: Pickup a Starbucks gift card and load it with at least $5. Once you have the gift card, go home and register it on Then, going forward, use the gift card to purchase all of your coffee drinks. When you need to put more money on the gift card, simply re-load it with a Starbucks cashier before making your purchase. Or you can log into your account and reload using your debit/credit card or use PayPal. After you’ve purchased five drinks you’ll begin receiving money off all future drinks (depending on what you get).

For instance, I typically only have these two drinks when I visit Starbucks:

  1. Venti, no foam, sugar free vanilla latte, with soy milk.
  2. Venti, 5 pump, sugar free vanilla iced coffee, with soy milk.
When I use my Starbucks gift card to make these purchases, I get FREE syrup and FREE soy milk. This takes off at least $1 every time I order something at Starbucks! Then, once you’ve reached 30 stars (or 30 drinks) you then move on up to the Gold level. This means you’ll get a free coffee after you’ve purchased 15 and you’ll get your own personalized Starbucks Gold card which will looking something like this:


You’ll also receive free refills on brewed coffee, 2 free hours of wifi each day, a free birthday drink, and a free tall beverage with every pound of ground coffee purchased. As mentioned earlier, this program is completely free to join!


I don’t drink Starbucks every day, because it’d cost too much. However, I do go there often enough to save money on each drink. If I’m already going to go there, why not get $1 or more off every drink? The free syrup saves me at least $0.50 and the free soy milk saves me an additional $0.60 – $0.75.


Helpful hint: If you receive a Starbucks gift card as a “gift” you can transfer that money to your registered gift card. This way you only have to manage one card, which makes sense.