By next year, 2012, Android will be running on 49.2% of all smartphones worldwide, according to ComScore. While Apple‘s iOS will drop to a measly 18.9%. Android is now activating 500,000 devices each and every day. This is up from the 100,000 that Android was activating 1 year ago and up from 300,000 a day that were being activated in December of 2010.

All I can say to Apple fans is SUCK IT! Apple is dropping like flies! OK, so they’re still #2. However, some analyst are predicting that Windows Phone is going to overtake Apple within the next few years. Sure, many are saying this isn’t possible. However, lets look at Android. Almost everyone thought Android was a failure since it started off so slow. Now fast forward only a few years later and their the #1 smartphone OS worldwide. Microsoft is taking the same approach as Google– get Windows Phone 7 onto as many devices and carriers as possible. Let the consumer pick from different handsets that fit their needs. Maybe someone wants a 4.3″ display since they watch a lot of media on their phone. Or what about a 3.5″ screen for a lighter phone that’ll fit in a woman’s pocket easier?

When you pick an Apple product you become a drone to Apple and you begin to think and act like every other person who carries one of their stupid phones. Break free! Think for yourself and have choices, lots of choices!

R.I.P. iOS.