HTC Thunderbolt 4G LTE Radio Acting Goofy

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Two days ago I was sitting on the couch watching TV and I went to pick up my HTC Thunderbolt phone and I noticed there was an icon in the notification bar. My SD card was acting weird and displaying as “Read Only”. I also noticed my service was only reading 1X.

I called Verizon tech support to see if my SD card was under warranty and also to see if the 4G service was having difficulties, again. We ended up doing a couple things to the phone and the highest service we were able to get was 3G, for about a minute. We ended up doing a factory reset of the phone and still the same issue, I would only get 1X service. The lady was kind enough to send me out a replacement Thunderbolt since I’m still covered under the 1 year warranty. As far as the SD card goes, she simply gave me Sandisk’s phone number and told me I’d have to call them to get a replacement card.

Then, only about an hour after I got off the phone with Verizon, I restarted my phone and the 4G service came back on. Now, keep in mind that there was nothing wrong with the 4G service in my area because we have another HTC Thunderbolt on the account and that phone had 4G service the whole time. I thought about calling Verizon to tell them to cancel the replacement Thunderbolt order, but what if something is wrong with my Thunderbolt and the 4G radio device keeps going out? Plus, my Thunderbolt is pretty beat up around the corners- showing normal wear and tear; so it would be nice to get a new device!

However, I don’t know if Verizon is going to check the phone to see if everything with the 4G is okay when they get my “broken” phone back in the mail. I mean, technically it was broken when I was on the phone with Verizon. And as mentioned before, what if it is my 4G radio chip and it keeps going in and out on me? The phone could be faulty.

Does anyone have experience with returning phones to Verizon? What do you think?



  1. I’ve had the same problem. I called verizon for so many things. It’s only been my first month with them. SD card would not save, delte, or format in any way. The told me to call Sandisk. It got late and I called verizon again the next day and I told the representative I had too many issues and since I bought the phone from them they should be able to replace my items without giving me the run around. But, just like you, same problem. SD card and my phone constanly getting 1X. For the first couple weeks, it was working fine, but when I called, my mangager from work advised me to check my bill to make sure they didn’t tack on the price of the $150 SD card… they did. So I called back again. I went to the store and the overnighted a phone and an SD card due to the network issues. I was was told by the store clerk to stop by once I got the new phone to replace my SIM card just to make sure everything was running smoothly. …… Still getting 1X and the new phone doesn’t hold a charge. It’s not the battery, it’s the phone. The battery charges and runs smoothly on the old phone but same 1X issues. I’m gonna call one last time so they can take the thunderbolts back, and give me another phone. I’ve been unable to use my data, texts drop, and i’ve spent no less than 8 hours either on the phone or at the store all in one week. I hope anyone with the same Thunderbolt problem request a new AND different phone.

    • Well Verizon should be receiving back my old HTC Thunderbolt today. We’ll see if they test the phones and activate it to see if my issue really existed or if they’ll just take the phone back and do whatever with it.

      My old phone doesn’t have any water damage or any damage to the screen. The corners just had a few scuff marks, so I’m thinking I’ll be fine.

      I’m happy with my new HTC Thunderbolt. I rooted it this weekend and installed Gingerbread! Everything is working great, and I’m enjoying Netflix on my phone. This comes in handy on my way into work since I take public transportation ;-)

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