I just read an article recently that Android is soon to hold 50% of the smartphone market! It’s about time! Kick Apple out of their place (which I believe they are in 3rd place now, trailing behind BlackBerry), and let Android wear the crown! Gartner is predicting that by next year, Android will hold 49.2% of the smartphone market, while Apple will have a measly 18.9% share.

This reminds me of the whole war on PC vs. Mac. PC took off and Mac has always trailed behind. You want to know why? Because with PCs you can pretty much do whatever you want. PC computers remind me of Android smartphones. With the Android smartphone, you can customize it to pretty much however you’d like. Sure, iPhone’s look fancy and nice, but they can’t even make a call without it dropping and you can barely customize it beyond the background and folders.

Google has done it again. They’ve created another successful product and I’ll be eager to watch how they take on the tablet market next!