I just finished the Trylle Trilogy series by Amanda Hocking. You can find the books on Amazon. The name of the books, in order, are Switched, Torn, and Ascend. I have to say, I really enjoyed reading these books. These books evolve around a girl named Wendy. She’s destine to be this great ruler and she has no idea. The books have Fantasy and SciFi built into them. There’s magic, trolls, and love all built into a modern-day world.

The reason why I gave this series a B rating, is because you can tell the author is young and up-coming author. Not only that, but I wasn’t feeling the whole kingdoms in modern-day world, driving around in Cadillacs and using magical powers. Beyond that, I really enjoyed myself and caught myself staying up late to read on! I even recommended the books to a co-worker and she enjoyed them as well. I bought each book off of my iPad, with the first book only costing $0.99. I will admit, the price is what caught my eye. Then of course, you want to read the other two books so you can find out what happens.

I finished this trilogy just in time. Reason why? Because Sookie Stackhouse, book 11, comes out on May 3rd! I am absolutely in love with this series, but that will be another review to come!

Other books I’ve read: Harry Potter, Twilight, Sookie Stackhouse. This way you can get an idea if you like the same books as me. This way, you may want to jump in and try the Trylle trilogy books!