Logitech Harmony 650

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I just downgraded remotes from the Logitech 1100 to the Logitech 650. I have to say I like this remote a little better. The reason why? Easier to handle and the 650 runs off of two AA batteries. I got sick of having to put the 1100 on a charger all the time and having to handle the remote with both hands. With the 650 I can easily pickup and switch channels in a couple seconds.

This is the Logitech 650

This is the Logitech 1100

I haven’t been able to test the battery life yet on the 650 remote. I’ve read online that some people get 2 weeks and some are getting a few months. Lets just hope it’s more on the months side. I don’t think a couple weeks is realistic for the battery life, otherwise the remote wouldn’t receive such good reviews on Amazon.

I use the Logitech 650 to control my 52″ Sharp Aquos TV, Roku XD box, XBOX 360 and my Motorola DTA100 cable box. If I wanted to, I could add up to one more device. The remote can handle up to 5 devices.

If you’re looking for just a simple remote to control your devices, I would go with the 650. The Logitech 1100 was a bit hard to handle with one hand. Also, with the Logitech 1100 being mostly touch screen, I felt I had to be more delicate with it. In the end, I sold my Logitech 1100 on Amazon for $244 and bought the Logitech 650 on eBay for $55!


  1. Hello I too have the Harmony 650 and amtrying to program a Rooku XD (model #2050X) and cannot get the Roku functions to work.  How did you achieve this?

    • Are you using Logitech’s Internet software to program your remote? Basically what I’m saying is Logitech now lets you program your remote via the internet after you login to your account. This way you don’t have to install any software on your computer. If you did install software on your computer and try to program the remote that way… then try their Internet way. That’s what I did. Worked great!

      Visit http://myharmony.com/ and create an account or login.

      After I created an account, under the section where you choose which kind of device it was, I think I chose like the Media Center / DVD Player section. Try all sections similar to this.

      Then under the manufacture, I was able to find Roku. From there I chose the 2050X device and then I programmed my Logitech remote :-) It was able to control all functions of my Roku box.

      Let me know if you have any questions. Also, let me know how it goes. I’d love to find out! Keep me posted.

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