Why Android is Better Than iPhone

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Android has converted me to the dark side!

I use to own an Apple iPhone, just like every other tech geek out there. However, after being on an Android phone for a couple of weeks you start to notice something. iPhones are very limited at what they can do. Steve Jobs has Apple on extreme lock down, so there’s no way to customize your iPhone. Sure, they let you have a different background on your locked screen vs. your main wallpaper, but when you look at the bigger picture, THAT’S NOTHING! With Android, I can customize even the hardware! For instance, I recently downloaded an app called Widget Locket, which lets me wake up my phone up by using the volume buttons on the side. This is much nicer than having to go push the main power button on my HTC Thunderbolt. Also, Android lets you place widgets on your home screen! Apple still only lets you place icons and folders on your phone. COME ON APPLE!

To go further into why Android is better and why it will win the smartphone war, is the customization keeps on going! I can place icons, widgets, etc. on my locked screen. I currently have my music player to always show on my locked screen so I can easily start playing music. This way I don’t have to unlock my phone, find the music player app, and then select a song to start playing. Another great customization I’ve done with my Android phone is when I go to unlock my phone, I can swipe the bar to the left and this will automatically bring up my text message app. This way when I’m constantly texting, and I receive a text message, I don’t have to unlock my phone, find the text app and load it. I can simply swipe my finger to the left, and BOOM, my text messages are up. If I just want to unlock my phone to get to the main screen, then I simply swipe my finger to the right.

This was all done with ONE app called Widget Locker. I purchased it from the Android App Market for $1.99.

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