iPhone 5 Announcement was Major Dissappointment

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Apple announced their new iPhone 5 today, which I have to say was a major dissappointment. There was absolutely nothing revolutionary about their product. The iPhone 5 ended up being evolutionary, finally catching up with the times to try and compete with Android.


There were only 3 big changes:

1. 4G LTE. This is about time. Android phones have had LTE for almost 2 years.

2. 4″ screen. Honestly, in my book 4″ is still too small of a screen. I bet most Apple users would have like to see either 4.3″ or 4.5″. Looks like Apple is still trailing behind the rest of the smartphone world in screen size.

3. Faster processor. Honestly, this was a given. Every year when new phones come out you’d hope the processor becomes faster.


There were two minor changes:

1. Thinner by 18%.

2. New dock connector, 8 pin. Don’t fret about your old accessories not working with your dock connectors. Greedy Apple will be more than happy to sell you a dock converter instead of including one. Probably pennys to make and they’ll sell for $15 – $30 I’m sure.


All in all, the iPhone 5 announcement was a big flop. Of course there will be those Apple fanboys that run out and get the iPhone the first day, but I’d like to see how many people I still see running around with their iPhone 4 and 4S. Better yet, let’s see how many people either switch to Android or the Nokia Lumia 920.

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  1. And it requires a two year contract and priced at $199. One has gotta be an idiot to buy into that, while a strong Android / Straight Talk combo is the most effective way to go…

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