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iPhone 5 Announcement was Major Dissappointment

Apple Thumbs down

Apple announced their new iPhone 5 today, which I have to say was a major dissappointment. There was absolutely nothing revolutionary about their product. The iPhone 5 ended up being evolutionary, finally catching up with the times to try and compete with Android.   There were only 3 big changes: 1. 4G LTE. This is about time. Android phones...

Will Apple be Able to Keep up with Android?

Android cuts Apple

As most of know in the tech world, today is the day Apple announces the new iPhone 5. Let’s see how Apple is going to try and compete with Android. Will they catch up? Probably not since Apple has been in Android’s shadow for the past year and half or so. Let’s compare: Bigger screen? √ Android has had 4.3″ –...

Android is Beating Apple 3:1

Android Hail

The latest numbers are in: Android is literally blowing Apple out of the water! This word comes from Gartner, a top research firm for these sorts of things. Overall, within the last quarter, Android outsold iOS devices nearly three to one while capturing 64% of the worldwide market share. Samsung was the top dog accounting for 90M handset...

Apple is Now for Old People, Litteraly

Apple Store NYC

So it appears Apple is now for old people, literally. Wonder why Apple’s commercials are starting to have celebrities in them? It’s because celebrities can be any age, sex, gender, etc. Apple has now discovered that its main demographic is ages 35+, not the typical 18-34 in which Apple is used to. In layman’s terms, Apple’s...

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