So it appears Apple is now for old people, literally. Wonder why Apple‘s commercials are starting to have celebrities in them? It’s because celebrities can be any age, sex, gender, etc. Apple has now discovered that its main demographic is ages 35+, not the typical 18-34 in which Apple is used to. In layman’s terms, Apple‘s fanboys (now fanmen) have all grown up.

The company is generally desperate not to show the consumer’s face, so as not to identify one age group or sex. This is why the new Siri ads are celebrity-driven, for example. Celebrities aren’t real people. They can be any age or sex, as long as they bring with them cachet.

But even in those prosaic iPad ads, did all the knees look like young knees to you? How many 18- to 34-year-olds read The New York Times, so heavily featured in much of the iPad work?

Apple is now a mainstream, mature brand, trying to maintain its cool — in every sense of that word.

When your biggest fan base has grown up, perhaps you have to be a little more grown-up too. That is sometimes hard for rabidly emotional youth to take.

Oh, how the times are changing. Looks like Android has now surpassed Apple and Apple can no longer deny it. No wonder why Apple is demanding Samsung to pay $2.5 billion in loses. Apple fears Android!


Source: CNET