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After I sold my iPad I knew I was going to be getting the Kindle 3. That was a no-brainer. However, I wasn’t sure which version I wanted to get. Do I pay only $114 to have a couple ads on the device, or pay $139 for an ad-free Kindle? After a friend bought the Kindle Ad version along with a case, her total ended up being only $129. I knew right away that is exactly what I was going to do as well. I was able to get a Kindle plus a case for less than what I would have paid for an ad-free Kindle. You are using the Kindle to read books, right? And there’s no ads during your reading, so why not save money?

In all honestly, when I first turned on the Kindle and started playing with it, while I loaded my eBooks onto the Kindle using the Calibre software, I didn’t even notice the ad on the bottom of the screen! I kind of forgot about it and it literally took me up to 5 minutes to notice it there. Look below:


Yes, it’s easy to notice in the picture, especially when I’m point the ad out. However, when you have the actual Kindle in your hand, the whole screen is black and white and everything on the screen just “flows” together. With that being said, my eyes just kind of “skip” right over the ad.

The only other place an ad is shown is on the screensaver when you have your Kindle turned off. Personally, this does not bother me one bit! As soon as I’m done reading and I turn off my Kindle, I shut the cover anyways! The ad vanishes and I never see it (until right before I turn the Kindle on again). See the screensaver ad below:


In this day and age we could all save a little money. With that being said, save your $25 to spend on something else (like gas!) and buy the Kindle Ad version. They really are not bothersome, whatsoever.


  1. I work in the marketing/ad world and love the ads. I’m interested in seeing who advertises and how.

    • I like the ads too so far! I admit, some of them don’t relate to me like the Loreal makeup ads. But I’m definitely interested in some other ads. 

  2. Corporate Ad Monkey

    June 17, 2011 at 5:02 am

    When I bought my Kindle I didn’t know there was a version with ads and a version without (I really didn’t do much research on it).  I ended up with the ad Kindle. When I started seeing ads show up on the bottom of the screen I was highly annoyed.  After doing research I realized my mistake in purchasing the ad version.  I don’t really mind the screen saver ads… some of them are quite artful in their black and white form.  The other ads that show up on the bottom of the screen are just visual pollution to my eyes… an otherwise clean looking screen is cluttered up with ad space.  Oh well… it’s still a fantastic device. It just would have been better without having Loreal or Visa shoved up my ass (figuratively of course haha!).

    • See, I don’t browse around on my Kindle. I just download / read a book. When I stop reading, I don’t go back to the home screen on my Kindle. I just turn the Kindle off on the current chapter. So then, when I go to turn my Kindle back on it’s right where I left off! The only time I see the ad on the bottom of the home screen is when I finish a book and looking for a new one to read! 

      Thanks for your comment!

  3. Disagree. I’d rather pay more to be spared by ads.

    • Really? Even after getting free Amazon gift cards? I guess I could understand if you get bombarded with ads and nothing out of the ads, but I get excited when I get this free money! And honestly, the ads aren’t even bad. When I’m done reading my Kindle I turn it off and shut the cover so I don’t even see the ad (okay, maybe for like 2 seconds) but that’s it. I guess to each their own though. I’m just so excited to be getting these gift cards!

  4. Do they track you if you buy one of the advertised items?

    • What happens is when you see an advertisement that you like on the Kindle 3 you click “more info” and then if you’re interested in the ad, you click “e-mail me this offer.” So Amazon does know which ads you are e-mailing to yourself.

      If you like the ad “Buy a $20 gift card for $10″ you can e-mail yourself the offer over and over, but it will still be the same coupon code every time. After you use the code once, you won’t be able to use it again.

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