Ultimate APN Settings for Straight Talk with Android

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UPDATE: Great news for all you Straight Talk users! Since I’ve posted a few articles here on WireValley in regards to my experience with Straight Talk, APN settings, tutorials, screenshots, helping others, etc. I thought it would be a great idea to start a support website for all of us Straight Talk users!



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I’ve been using Straight Talk now for over a week and everything is still going great! I had one hiccup with picture messaging. I had entered in another APN setting for MMS picture messaging and everything was working good for a few days. Then, I was having issues with my data connection so I changed my other APN setting with one I found online. However, that ended up screwing up my MMS settings again! Sounds confusing, but really it was an easy fix and I’m here to give you the settings you need to talk, text, data, and MMS.

Enter in this APN for your talk, text, and data:


Name: ST (or whatever you want)
APN: att.mvno
Proxy: proxy.mvno.tracfone.com
Port: 80
Username: Not set
Password: Not set
Server: Not set
MMSC: http: mmsc. cingular. com (**no spaces and no”//”**)
MMSC proxy:
MMS port: 80
MCC: 310
MNC: 410
Authentication Type: Not set
APN type: default,supl,mms (notice I took off the mms! This is because we’ll enter a 2nd APN for mms.)
APN protocol: IPv4
Bearer: Not specified



Now, we’ll enter in a another APN  for your picture messaging. So go to your APN settings on your phone and create a new APN. Use these settings:



Name: MMS

APN: att.mvno

skip down to MMSC: http://mmsc.cingular.com

MMS proxy: proxy.mvno.tracfone.com

MMS port: 80

MCC: 310

MNC: 410

Authentication Type: Not set

skip to APN type and enter: mms


In case you like screenshots, here are the first two screenshots and how your settings should look for the your 1st APN titled ST (or whatever you called it.)












continued on to 2nd screenshot…












Now onto your MMS APN setting. These are the screenshots for how your 2nd APN called MMS should look:













Continued on to 2nd screenshot….












There you go! Your phone should have perfect working talk, text, data, and picture messaging! I haven’t had any issues since I’ve using these two APN settings together.


  1. What about the MCC and MNC for the MMS APN settings? My phone enters 310 and 410 by default, should I delete them?

    • No, sorry! Leave those there!

      • I’ve gotten the settings in and still can receive pictures but cannot send. Any clues on why this could be happening? it’s incredibly annoying.

        • Yup! Try this.. my settings have changed (yet again) since updating to Jelly Bean on my phone. Was running into the same issues.

          Under your first APN called ST (or whatever you called it) completely REMOVE “MMSC proxy:″ so there is nothing in there.

          STILL leave in the setting above that, and the one below. So that would be MMSC, and MMS port.

          Only remove the MMSC Proxy in your first APN setting and let me know if it works.

          (still keep the MMSC proxy entered in under you “MMS” APN)

          Let me know!

          • My phone won’t let me edit the APN settings and I have been on the phone with straight talk for over an hour and they are not being able to figure out how to make me be able to send picture messages either.

          • What kind of phone do you have?

          • dude, the apn now is (not 33)

          • i have a samsung google nexus s on straight talk cant send picture message or receive picture message internet doesnt work unless on wifi can you help me

          • does not work! i tried it & im still having the same problem,cant send pics plus i noticed my 4G is gone!

      • Will the apn settings work using a t mobile SIM card in my android

    • I’ve updated the post to include that information since it’s put there by default. Thanks for pointing that out.

    • I can not send picture text, what is wrong? I left it up for one hour and it never sent my text pic to a friend.

  2. When you’re entering in the APN type for the first setting, that is an sup”L” (supl) not an I (i).

    APN type: default,supl

    • Yep no problem with that… I got my sim card last night and just havent confirmed fully working MMS. Data works lightning fast with your settings in the first APN settings up above. Original APN settings that came out of ST activation card is garbage!

      Edit: just had my wife sent me a pic message, it received a text saying “message not downloaded” once I tapped on it, it downloaded the pic.

      So I can confirm all settings are working. SONY XPERIA ARC S, previously with dang ATT!

      • I know! Straight Talk’s APN settings were complete garbage. I don’t know what’s going on their end. When I received my order confirmation e-mail even their phone number was listed wrong! They had 1-800 when it’s supposed to be 1-877.

        I’m just glad the service works! I’m glad I could help you too. Also, if you wouldn’t have clicked the “download” button it should download on it’s own in 5 seconds or so and then pop-up like a regular text message :-)

        You can test this. Just send a picture message to yourself. As soon as it starts sending leave your text message screen, set your phone down and wait for it to come down. Should popup like regular message without having to click download :-) You probably just got to anxious and had your phone in your hand waiting to see if it came through.

        • Sounds good, one thing I noticed though, I have the sync icon on the notification bar constantly. I went into Accounts and Sync in the phone settings and checked, Picasa Web photos option is constantly syncing. Rebooted, doing the same, I will continue to test. At least I have unlimited data and I don’t have 2GB of pics in picasa anyways. Another friend just confirmed he got my picture text, so everything works for me with your settings. I should post on XDA if you have that thread still going.

          • Just be careful with the unlimited data. You really only get like 2 – 2.5GB. I would tell Picasa to only sync when you’re on wifi. Plus, the constant sync is going to drain your battery.

            Yeah, I posted this fix over on XDA, but not with these “new” updated settings. There were a few minor changes to get it working this good. Feel free to post on XDA though and direct people to this post!

          • Do they simply throttle you down or stop your data? I never exceeded 2 GB with ATT but couldn’t use Pandora or anything.

            I guess I will bookmark this blog update and see if there are changes to the settings periodically.

            Now, I wonder same settings would work with iPhone 3GS, my wife’s phone is being ported as we speak.

          • I’ve read that it depends. Must go by where you live and the network area. I’ve read they throttle you and don’t reset at the first day of the next month, I’ve read they just cut you off and you lose your phone #, I’ve read they will call you and speak to you about it to cut back, etc. All I know is that I will never try to go over 2.5GB. If I get the call at 2.1GB, then I will really cut back and never go over again. However, as mentioned in my articles I checked my history back to February with AT&T and never went over 1.8GB as long as I connect to WiFi at work and home.

            Your wife will not get picture messaging on her iPhone with Straight Talk unless you jailbreak it. This is very well known fact on Straight Talk. Apple does not allow you to tinker with the settings as much as Android. This is why I hate Apple so much. They lock their systems down to almost render the user from doing anything with their product.

            Like me on Facebook if you don’t mind! (Like box is on the homepage, top right-hand corner.) You can bookmark too ;-) whatever you prefer.

            If you have more questions or comments, let me know!

          • I hate Apple’s guts! But it is also so simple to use for my technology challenged wifey… And not to mention my college is requiring me to get the iPad! I am just disgusted. Do you know an easy non aggressive way to jailbreak the iPhone 3GS? Or a website? I should do that for her phone so there are no complaints about switching from ATT. To me there are no problems, $130 compared to $45 per phone?!?! I will like you on FB sure, also try G+ I am very active and I share a lot there.

          • Nope, sorry. I don’t know anything about Apple products :-( I don’t use them. I was looking on Facebook on my friends iPhone last weekend and I had to ask a couple questions because I didn’t get where the settings button was LOL.

            To be honest, I would just YouTube and learn how to jailbreak. I do know that whenever Apple releases a new update, it locks out your jailbreak and then you have to re-do the process. However, if she’s on the 3GS, I imagine there aren’t anymore updates coming out since it’s an “older” phone, so you would be fine.

        • I will confirm the settings on XDA, is your thread still going on there?

  3. With the Ongoing Data issues that the ATT Sim have been giving people, I decided to enter the proxy, Everything worked fine except I couldnt get a speed test. Ive been told having a Proxy disables this. Can you confirm this and which is the best setting to have? Proxy or No proxy?

    • Keep the proxy settings. I haven’t had one data issue (or any issues) since I’ve been using the settings above.

      You can download “Internet Speed Test” from the Android market and it’ll give you a speed test. I’m properly 1mbps – 4mbps when running the test. I honestly don’t even worry about the speed tests anymore because my phone works just like it worked when I was with AT&T (except I’m paying half the price). My Pandora loads just fine, and my websites are snappy!

  4. Try this app and let me know what you think… HiAPN Global (1 Click Surfing)

    looks like it is the only app to back up your APN settings…

  5. wow finally. I have been at this for a week. straight talk tech support could not help they told me to call the company that made my phone for help even though my phone worked fine on at&t and the group texts stopped working on straight talk so its absolutely not the phone!!! but this article worked!!! so psyched, i did not even have to set up a second network, for authentication i only had default checked off, once i checked off supl and mms i can now download all pics and groups texts, yeah!!!!

    • Awesome! I’m glad I could be of assistance! Don’t forget to “Like” WireValley on Facebook (home page, right-hand corner.)

      If you have more StraightTalk issues, feel free to message me anytime. I’m quick at responding! Once in a while I have to restart the phone cause of bad data connection, but I’m still liking Straight Talk! About to go into my 3rd month :-)

      • Please help me I have a htc one x (att dual core/ not the good quad core) and all I have working w settings listed above is call/text cant get my data to work right and wont send or receive mms

      • I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and this didn’t work for me at all.

        • Hi! The settings can depend on your carrier. What carrier do you use?
          To get settings you can write your number or last 15 digits on your SIM-card. I will try to help you.
          Also you can get settings directly on Straight Talk site.

      • Hey I have a really crappy galaxy core prime with straight talk service and this phone isn’t what I really want but I also have an old galaxy S3 that isn’t working . What I want to know is can I take my sim card out of my working phone and put it in my S3 and fix the APN settings and that would give me service on the S3 and it would also let my phone # stay the same right .

  6. I have htc rezound unlocked using ST sim from att and I have voice I can recieve sms but i cant send sms or mms or get on the internet. Could you help me with this issue. I have tried numerous apn’s to no avail

    • Unfortunately, if my *ultimate* APN settings do not work, there’s not a whole lot of support I can offer you.

      Do go over my settings on this post with a fine tooth pick to make sure you have all the settings entered correctly, and on the right line. I would often have at least 1 setting off.

      Next, if that is all correct, I can only recommend factory resetting the phone and starting over. I just re-installed my whole phone’s operating system this past weekend and I had to enter in the APN settings again, and they worked like a charm. Again, my settings above *should* work for any Android phone :-/ Let me know how it goes and if you discover anything!!

  7. I hate to be a bother, but would you mind taking pictures of your APN settings and posting them to the article? I’m not entirely clear on the MMSC field for the first APN.

    • I am so sorry for the long delay!! I completely spaced this out… not sure if you figured this out or not already, but screenshots are attached to the post on my blog now. Thanks for the idea. This will come in handy for others as well, I’m sure.

  8. i dont know if something is wrong, but i bought Note 2 international factory unlocked and used Tmobile for a while and i had data and mms, but i decided to switch to ST and now, i cant make my data to work :( if someone has and advice please help…i dont want to go back to Tmobile :(

    • Are you using StraightTalk over AT&T or T-Mobiles network? You reviewed the information / pictures above line by line?

  9. Thank you sooooooo much!!!

  10. i have a samsung sidekick 4g, can you help me with
    my straight talk settings, or will the settings above be the same?
    Q 2) my phone use to show (4g) at the top of the screen,
    now it only shows the letter (E) why?

  11. txcntrygrlbecks

    December 7, 2012 at 4:02 pm

    Let me just say I googled for 2 hours last night and finally today got this page! I am so happy to have found it because now my beloved ION works!!! Thank you to whoever found these settings. I love my phone and didn’t want to give it up!

  12. Where do u put this in at on the IPhone 4

  13. My phone, text, mms work perfectly. My internet does not seem to work. It does not say Roam and does not show any internet connection. Any idea? Thank you so much for your help!

  14. I just got the Nexus 4 and bought a sim from Straight Talk – had them port over the number. Tried the default Straight Talk settings with no luck, and then tried the setting you suggested with still no luck getting data to work.
    When I get into the diagnostic testing menu by typing: *#*#4636#*#*
    It shows that my GPRS Service is either hung at “Connecting”, or it will say “Disconnected”.
    Have you seen this or anyone else?

    • I have not seen this on the Nexus 4 :-( although, I don’t have this phone. I guess just delete all APNs and keep trying until you find the lucky combo! That’s what I did.

  15. Great apn, but I’m having a problem. I used to have HDSPA+ on straight talk, now I only have 3G. Any suggestions? I am rooted but not unlocked.

  16. Been working on this for over three days with Stright Talk and have Googled thousands of sites, Found your Post and Followed it – Seems to be working I now have text talk and data – thanks to you ……Happy Happy Happy.

  17. I have a samsung note i717 and tryed your apn settings dd t work so I deleted everything and redid it still nothing.

  18. What should I do? Please help.

  19. Does this work for all android phones? Should the Xperia U st25i (international) work?

  20. Does this work for all android phones? Should the Xperia U st25i (international) work?

  21. How about settings for a windows HTC 8x with similar issues? I am using the AT&T SIM card and I am unable to receive group texts and picture texts? Are there any ultimate settings for me? Cheers

  22. I have been trying to get data and mms pics to work for the past 48 hours, I was getting NOTHING. I even began to question if AT&T even worked out here. I have been picking through hundreds of pages trying to find the right APN to get this sob working. THANK YOU SO MUCH, this is the FIRST ONE to give me anything. I <3 you….. (posted from Nexus 4 with DATA on straight talk, best deal in the world)

  23. Hello Please help ……Just switched over to ST – on my phone menu there is no APN protocol, Enable/disable APN or Bearer box?????

  24. For anout an hr I could send and receive msg …….Now I can receive txt msg but I can’t reply to them ……..Its driving me crazy ……lol

  25. I have a Samsung Galaxy S (ATT Capitivate). I bought the Straight Talk sim and installed it. Text worked but the data does not. I called Straight Talk and they were unable to help. They blamed it on the phone manufacturer. I have tried you settings above with the only difference is I don’t have default, supl as an option on the apn type. I only have internet, mms, and internet + mms. I choose internet for the first APN setting. I still can’t get the data to work. Any ideas? Would hate to go back to ATT.

  26. You are awesome! I was really getting ticked of trying to get my data to work!

  27. Does this also allow you to bypass the throttling/data limit?

  28. I have a s3 on straight talk my internet is workin amd test messages .. I can recieve mms but cant send any.. what am I doin wrong please help im gettin frustrated

  29. THANK YOU! I just spent two days trying to figure out the APN settings for my Galaxy s3 running 4.1.1 with Straight Talk before stumbling upon this post. Your additional information for jelly bean down in the comments is what finally made the difference. I have my 4g up and running!

  30. Thank you SO much! I spent hours google-ing how to make my MMS work and stumbled across you page. The settings work! You are a lifesaver. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

  31. is this only for AT&T? I am trying to achieve the same – but with a t-mobile S3??? Thanks for the help!

  32. Do these settings apply to a tmobile galaxy S 3 phone? Because I am having no luck with these setting nor will they let me save them. Please help if possible. Thanx

    • Hey Jared! I have a t-mobile compatible phone as well. Try changing the APN in both the ST and MMS from att.mvno to wap.tracfone. I just tried that today and both my mms and data are finally working! :)

      • Dave – I would love you forever if you listed the 2 apn settings that you used… I use a t-mobile compatible Galaxy s3.

  33. This seems like a heaven send, yet I still cannot recieve any MMS. >_> All of the APN settings match on my nexus 4. Perhaps there could be a delayed effect?

    • In the first APN setting, delete the MMS proxy and possibly the mmsc setting. I think this will work. Just make sure you have the second APN (MMS) setting in your phone as well.

  34. Thank u soo much this really helped me! :)

  35. I’ve entered this like 10 times and whenever I save, it refuses to save it. Any ideas? I have an HTC MyTouch 4g.

  36. okay so i had a tmobile g2x and has the tmobile sim card from straight talk. I recently bought an htc one x and unlocked it, well i cut the sim card down to fit in my one x and it works but im only getting EDGE do i need to get the sim for att phone from straight talk or is there a way to get back my 4g speeds that i had on my g2x with straight talk. please help

    • Is this the HTC One X from AT&T? Then yes, you would only get Edge speeds on the phone. AT&T phones do not run compatible with T-Mobiles 3G (HSPA+) network. T-Mobile operates at different frequencies.

  37. i have tried for 2 damn weeks to fix mine, now i find this site follow the directions and whammo it works, you the man thank you

    • Glad I could help! Thanks for the nice comments :-) I appreciate positive feedback. Keeps me logging on to try and help others.

      If you want to see faster results, be able to run speed tests, etc. try deleting the proxy stuff in your APN settings. My phone is much smoother now!

      Go into the first APN and change:


  38. Im trying to get 3g to work on a Motorola DefyXT535 running 2.3.7 so far only 2g works! and I’ve been on hold for OVER 1hr and 20 mins perhaphs you can assist me much better than st??

    • Try my APN settings above, but remove anything dealing with PROXY.

      Leave your proxy stuff blank:

      Proxy: Not Set
      Port: Not set

  39. Still need help on a galaxy note 2 tried I think every setup. any help would be a lifesaver

    • Hi, I’m running the Galaxy Note II now with Straight Talk. Just got it setup about 2 nights ago.

      Try my APN settings on this page, but for the proxy stuff, leave it blank. So in the first APN it should read as:

      Proxy: Not Set
      Port: Not set

      Everything is running successfully for me with Straight Talk/AT&T service.

      • uggh i have a att note II as well so this is pissing me off that mine isn’t working. Did you have to put in the att unlock code for yours to work? I have the APN setting from this post (and tried every other i can find) removed the proxy and port and still no data! All i can do is call and text

  40. On an unlocked AT&T Sony Xperia Play with unlimited Straight Talk. Tried Straight Talks default APN settings and these suggestions. Can’t seem to get ANY data or multimedia messaging working. Can only use the internet when WiFi is enabled. I’m using a separate APN for MMS like you mentioned, have tried deleting the MMSC proxy from the first, turned the phone on/off countless times after adjusting APNs in order to re-establish my access thinking that will reset something. No luck yet. Kind of a bummer :(.

    • I can connect to Edge (2G) when I don’t supply any APN settings (they are set to none or blank) other than a name for the APN. I have also tried setting my APN to wap.tracfone… which had me connect to Edge as well. Also had an multimedia message send when it connected to Edge with no APN settings… For some reason using att.mvno, I cannot get any data connection whatsoever or use MMS. I’m wondering if there are alternate APNs I can connect to that will allow 3G/4G (my Xperia Play is an 800at and says it can do 4G)?

  41. I have a htc rezound any ideas why this wont work?

    • In your first APN setting, change the proxy settings to:

      Proxy: Not Set
      Port: Not set

      Having no proxy works MUCH better for me!

  42. Just plugged into my Nexus 4 on ST with ATT, and it seems to be working. Thanks a bunch.

  43. Hey! Thank you so much for posting this! I spent many many hours trying to set up my new straight talk Xperia Tipo and this really helped me to get it working. For some reason the att.mvno APN was not working for me, but after switching that out for wap.tracfone in both APNs, my phone works great! Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction!

  44. Hey im wondering if this will work for a droid 3 on verizon thanks you

  45. I just recently bought a Galaxy SII on the Straight Talk network, and just earlier today, the 4g decided it didn’t want to work anymore. I can’t access the internet without connecting it to wifi. I tried looking into the APN settings, but there’s no option to edit them, as far as I can tell. I was on the phone with ST for 2 hours, and they ultimately decided to send me a replacement. This is frustrating to me, as I didn’t spend $300 on a phone, only to be unable to use it to its full capacity.

  46. Thanks for the post. My phone now works thanks to you..:-)

  47. will this work with net10?

  48. I just got the LG Google Nexus 4, and cannot send pics, and downloading incoming mms takes forever. I have tried numerous APN configurations and still have issues. Any suggestions?

    • Did you enter in the 2nd MMS setting as mentioned in the article? If you did, and nothing is still working, there is 1 more step you need to do (SORRY, I need to update the article)

      1. Edit the first APN setting and completely delete the Proxy.

      2. Completely delete the MMSC.

      3. Completely delete the MMSC proxy.

      4. Save

      Assuming both APNs are entered correctly now (TRIPLE check everything!) you should be in business!

      Let me know,

      • Tried that, and still won’t seem to send MMS. I am using ST, with one of their AT&T SIM cards, that I got before they stopped selling them…could that be my issue?

        • Nope, that shouldn’t matter. I too am using AT&T and my MMS has always worked with these settings. I discovered that I had to delete the proxy and MMSC stuff after I upgraded to Jelly Bean.

          For your APN, delete att.mvno and try wap.tracfone I’ve never used this one before, but I know it’s another common APN.

          The best I can recommend is to delete both APNs are start from scratch :-/ sorry, I can’t offer much more than that! It’s a bummer these settings just don’t work for everyone since they’ve been so great for me! (sorry, not trying to rub it in) :-)

  49. alright, you may have covered this earlier but… any way.
    I have a ST Samsung Galaxy S2 S595G that is rooted with CM 10.1. it now says it is a SGH-I777. i can still make calls but at this time it says that there is no internet connection. have been reading the posts and nothing seems to work. do i need to delete all the other APN settings as their are many and just leave the 2 in this post. please help.

  50. I had this setting and all of a sudden out of no where it just stopped working. can someone please help me

  51. Thanx for all the help. I had purchased straight talk for my Samsung Galaxy S3, and had some problems with it, after calling the peeps from ST, still had the same probs. Came to your site and followed your detailed instructions, and BA BAM!! Phone works great have NO problems. Thank You..

  52. NOTE: Had to leave the “//” for MMSC, then it works like a charm!
    Thanks a mil! (Using Galaxy S3)

  53. OK guys this is just a question…I switched from tmobile to straight talk because where i live they only have 2g….but i am running on 2g with straight talk also. my phone is a tmobile phone but is unlocked…can someone plz help me b cause when u call straight talk they r NO help…im trying to get the 3G

    • i dont understand i left tmobile for a reason…they suck

    • Straight Talk runs off of the T-Mobile network. They state this on their website when checking out. It says “T-mobile network sim card” Unless.. were you lucky enough to snatch up an AT&T sim card for Straight Talk before Straight Talk got rid of them? This is how I’m currently using the AT&T network with Straight Talk.

  54. Do you know of any solutions for a verizon phone. i have the samsung Galaxy Proclaim. there is no option for even viewing the APN. only VPN. My mms and Data stopped working 2 weeks after i got the phone. This is my 2nd month. just renewed it hoping it would work but no. please help. ive been searching for over a month now.Thank You.

  55. i have the HTC One X. what do i set my mms protocol to and instead of MMSC proxy i have mms proxy.

  56. Emina Samardzic

    March 25, 2013 at 8:01 pm

    Haloo, I just want to ask is there any way that I can fix my signal strength because I think they send me T-mobile sim card so like when I go to work I don’t have signal inside of building what can I do? Thank you

  57. there is a app that you can download to set your straight talk sims its called tweakker

    • Thank you jimbo!! I downloaded this app today and my Android S3 phone is receiving and sending picture messages. You are a life saver!!!!

  58. Sorry to sound dumb but when entering these two different settings does that mean having to go into APN settings constantly to switch between for internet and mms needs? I don’t understand how they can work dually..

    • Don’t worry about it :-)

      No you do NOT need to switch back and forth. When you enter in the MMS APN it will know it’s specifically for MMS, and it’ll actually be grayed out so you can’t even select it :-) this is how it works.

  59. Maybe lm not looking hard enough but I don’t see settings for T mobile. I have a Note 2 And my mms doesn’t work. Could yoo please give me settings for that if u have them

    • APN Name. any
      APN. wap.tracfone
      proxy. blank
      port. 8080
      mmsc. http://mms.tracfone.com
      mms proxy. blank
      mms port. 8080

      • I have both apn settings entered. But I still can’t send or receive mms. Also thanks for the reply.

        • Hi I have a galaxy note i717. .. I have been up gor days trying to unlock it! Can u please help me? So far I’ve used the debug screen phone control net work lock perso sha 256 off but can’t get the last part nw lock nv data initiation….. I don’t even know if that would work if I could get it but I can’t. So frustrated. Thank u ahead of time.

  60. I have a Samsung galaxy s with st and suddenly can’t make or recurve calls.or texts.help please

  61. I upgraded to ICS and lost my APN settings on Straight Talk. Thanks for helping me restore my 4G. However, I’ve always had problems sending MMS or replying to iPhone group messages. I just get the moving circle. The weird thing is, it “sometimes” works. I’ve googled this issue for months and I’m at the point of giving up. i have the correct settings for threading group conversations and making Handcent the default (and I’ve tried other apps, including the stock). I have a Galaxy S2, ATT. Am I just out of luck?

  62. using galaxy s3 i747 and followed these instructions exactly. all is working pervfect now. thanks so much man

  63. How do you take screetshots on a straight talk smart phone?

  64. Hello!!! so i bought a note android 4.1.1 and im using straight talk my phone works awsome beside i cant recive or send any mms..or use the internet without wifi and i have tried all of this a couple of times by resting the apns on here and still no luck :( any other suggestions?

  65. I have a Android S3, it is a T-Mobile phone. I have tried to enter the codes but when I go to save the first APN it doesn’t do anything. It won’t allow me to change it. Could someone let me know what I need to do please?

  66. Angie Ingrassia - Rue

    April 25, 2013 at 7:04 pm

    you are so freaking awesome!!! Thank you so for this website, you got my phone working frist time around :-) I have googled and googled everywhere and yours is the only thing that worked!!! THANK YOU!!!

  67. Hello. I have an at&t Samsung galaxy s3 and am trying to unlock it for Straight Talk. I have my sims card in it and am able to make calls but cant send pics or receive them nor can I get on the internet. I have entered in the information you provided but I am not able to get on the internet still…unless theres wifi around. I tried downloading tweakker but it wont download for some reason. Do I even need tweakker if I use the info you provided? Thanks so much!

    • Remove proxy… the only sections you should have are the APN: att.mvno

      APN Type: default,supl

      Create a separate APN for MMS.

  68. hey everything is working fine except the internet. it keeps saying no network connection???? HELP

  69. These totally worked for me today. Thanks!

  70. THANK YOU!!!!! I just used this on my Galaxy Note from ATT now on ST. Everything is working. Couldnt be happier.

  71. my phone only allows me to select one APN setting at a time. are you saying that we would have to switch apns everytime we want to use mms??

    • No. Just enter mms and you’ll see ;-)

      • my 4g signal looks a little better (for now) but when i place a call it says “out of service area” and disconnects even if I had full 4g and all 5 bars when dialing…

        • You’ll have to tinker with settings. Try not using proxy, use proxys, try att.mvno, etc.

          • i removed everything that said proxy anything and still no change. so then i removed proxy and ports. :(

  72. Thanks Richard! Both, settings Works prefect for my Galaxy S4!

  73. OMG it worked at least I have the little E for my internet! I’ve been researching for almost 3 wks for my international N7100. now i don’t have stay @ home & use wifi. Thanks a million!

  74. I have a sony xperia and using it with straight talk. No matter what I try I cant seem to get or send any picture messages. I have tried the settings that are listed above and I still cant get/send picture messages. Any suggestions??????

  75. These settings don’t seem to work anymore, or is that just a ,roblem Im having? I went n got the settings from straight talk website, but now i can’t recieve mms but i can send them… Any suggestions?

  76. those didn’t work for my phone…now I don’t have internet…nor picture messaging.

  77. Help please I just switched from att to straight talk last night, we are using our att Samsung galaxy sIII and I tried the above steps but no internet and no picture messaging?! I am lost I can only get internet via wifi. Am I missing something. my phones were up to date with att

  78. Thank you so much! I used the codes to program my AT&T Note with Straight Talk. It worked!

  79. I still can’t get it to work, I set the two apns, but my phone won’t let me set to default…

  80. I have a IPhone 4s unlocked .Purchased a Straight talk plan had to purchase a mico sim card Phone works, Wi-Fi works but cannot access internet with out Wi-Fi. Talked to straighttalk many times, Tried update nothing .Help

  81. I have a galaxys3 threw Verizon I switched it over to straght talk all is working fine but the net and everything goes slow now how can I make it go faster as when I’m on wifi can anyone help me with this

  82. How do you use both of them? My phone seems to only let me select one apn

  83. how do I keep my galaxy3 from deleting my straight talk apn when I turn it off ive tried to discard the att apn but everytime I turn phone off an back on it just has att apn settings

  84. question I have the at&t fon i747 I can not get my picture mms or sms to work can you please help me!!!!

  85. this worked for my last phone and I thank you so much! So I thought that I would ask you if you could help with a straight talk L38G LG Optimus Dynamic phone, I am getting zero service in my current location, so I suppose it is not connected to our AT&T tower. How do I change the APN for this phone? How do I get it to use the AT&T network so the phone will work? I could really use your help, Thanks.

    • Have you gone to Settings >> Mobile Networks >> Access Point Names >> and then enter these two APN settings.

      • one of the problems that I am having is being unable to find out where the APN settings are at in this darn phone! I can’t even activate the phone and I have spoken with Straight Talk Customer Service 3 times now. The phone keeps searching for service making it impossible for me to activate the phone. The guy told me that I need to get into a location to get serivce then it will activate when I call *22801 but intil then I’m stuck. So I thought if I could change the access point to AT&T (like all of my other phones) then we would be in business. I just can’t find the darn APN area. :(

        • The phone number has already been transfered to the phone to. according to the straight talk account and customer service.

  86. Hello, I have a samsug focus 2, it runs on windows 7.8, and straight talk is my carrier. I have been trying for a month to get this working. I am not e “TECHY’ kind of girl, but also, I am not an idiot. I cannot send or receive mms messages. Any suggestions…..?

  87. I have an Sony Xperia ion lt28 ,still can’t get pictures txt please help me!!

  88. when i did this it blanked out the APN screen… I have an AT&T Samsung Galaxy exhibit 2… Now i select the APN screen it is just empty/black…can someonme help

  89. I have tried them all still no pic. it will text

  90. I am having the same problem with my tmoble HTC radar windows phone someone help


  92. Ive had straight talk for a few years now using there phones with no problems. I just got a note II today and did everthing that it told me to do. Got a text from ST telling me my number transferred. So I did everything the straight talk website told me to do none of it worked it won’t even get a signal. I’ve also entered everything the way it says on here so any suggestions.

  93. I have put all the settings in but it tells me the size is exceeded on the pictures I had sent to me. Help?

  94. I have a problem. My Lg38g straight talk. On my video, YouTube video, webpage video Loading screens are can’t watch any show, but i can still hear the sounds. How can I setting that? I have try every setting and they are not working.

  95. I have an unlocked Samsung s4 Verizon (i545) branded. I have been using straight talk for a while and never had issues with mms until now. I used your settings and data and texting works but I cannot send pictures nor open pictures sent to me. I purchased a micro sim from straight talk and the apn
    settings they gave me do not allow mms pictures properly. Any suggestions?

  96. Hello, I need help with an iphone 4 . I had att and ported my number to straighttalk. i have the sim card in and can call and text… i am trying to do the APN update but it says “not verified” does anyone know how to fix this I can’t access the internet at all.

  97. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 that worked perfectly for a week after using an ATT sim card in it. All of a sudden it rebooted itself and since I can’t send or receive pics, my 4g is gone, but my internet, phone and text all work. Any ideas?

    • Trying deleting the APN settings and re-enter them. If that doesn’t work, then try resetting the phone. Also, did you drop your phone at all? Sometimes the sim card gets un-aligned. Go ahead and take the sim card out and put it back in. That’s happened to be a few times.

      Let me know!

  98. Everything on my phone is greyed out and cannot select anything to change. Its like I’m locked out

    • You need to create a new APN then.

      • Hello Wirevalley,
        I just bought a Samsung S3 from Walmart for Straight Talk that uses Verizon towers. I don’t have an option to change the APN numbers under settings, more settings,Mobile networks, then all I have is the option for Mobile data, on or off.
        Do you know how to access the APN setting on this phone?

  99. Hey everyone , i just got a sony xperia z that used to be with t-mobile , had it unlocked and just got me a straight talk byop sim ( T-mobile) card but i cant figure out the APN settings for this phone, I tried the APN settings that straight talk offers online, but at this moment I can’t use my phone at all, no service , no network, no MMS nothing, can anybody help me with this .
    SO the byop sim card is compatible with the t-mobile phone.
    PLEASE HELP ME, i havent used my phone since Monday 24 th of February.

  100. what am I doing? I have android and its not sending pix to or from?

  101. i have a galaxy note and i cannot sent pic messages?? i need the right apn setting to do that…. email me at [email protected]….. thanks

  102. Thanks for the settings! This is the first post I have read that has talked about having to use a different setting for mms! Now my old texts I could read are able to download!! Thanks again!

  103. Good morning; may I preface by saying I have not yet tried your APN settings – I have my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 working on the StraightTalk network – voice, text, mms and data. However, I am only getting Edge network speeds for my data – it’s my understanding that this is due to the frequency limitations of the actual phone and not due to my settings.

    Two questions: What sort of speeds are you getting with your settings? Are you able to get 3G or 4G speeds? And second, are you able to talk and use data at the same time?

    Thank you in advance for the information! :D

  104. I have a Samsung note 2 and its thru straighttalk. I followed ur instructions and I still cant send sms. I can receive them but not send them. please help!

  105. I have a At&t HTC Titan II. I can get my data to work. But no receiving of mass emails or texts that I need for work. Or Can’t receive any multimedia files such as pictures?

    Really sick of getting mass texts. that say “Get Media Content Now” Click on it.. and it pops up again like I never touched it. Please Help :(

  106. I have a htc droid, I had it unlocked & now I want to switch to straight talk. I bought the whole kit & im wondering if it will work. it uses a sims card & well im hoping I didn’t spend 65$ on nothing.

  107. I have an unlocked at&t htc one x. I’ve tried man settings for straight talk but cannot send or recieve picture messages. also, wifi only works at home

  108. Dennis Button

    April 2, 2014 at 2:25 pm

    setting wont hold. click save and it wont

  109. I have a google lg nexus 4 and just recently changed my t-mobile straight talk sim card to an a t&t micro sim.. I Just programmed in the apn settings that you layed out and reset my phone . and deleted all other apn’s…for some reason I have not been able to get data at all or mms … I hope this works out , is their anything else I should know that would help me …..

  110. For the samsung s3 I finally got my data working…no thanks to straight talk or any settings Ifound…pure luck. Change the mms proxy to .net instwad of .com like their website says.Leave everything else as posted on st website

  111. Kim Morehead

    May 7, 2014 at 4:25 pm

    Do u have any solutions for a Nokia Lumia 521?

  112. I have a galaxy note 3 that I can’t use the data or txt messaging for I be live its the apn dtraight talk gave me…what is the best one that u recomend I should use? Need ur help ! Asap please

  113. I have a LGL96G phone with straight talk. ive tried everything and I still cant send picture messages or receive them. Also I cant get onto the internet. what can I do to update it or maybe fix it?

  114. hello i have a blu studio 5.5 usin a at&t sim card on straight talk and no matter what i do i cant send or recive picture texts any ideas

  115. I just got an AT&T phone Samsung Galaxy infustion. It wouldn’t let me edit the APN. I found the answer and wanted to share it. While on the APN site where the green dot is filled in for APN AT&T, go to the bottom of your screen and select the menue button. It will give you the choice to add an APN. :)

  116. I have done everything , but I dont have the choice for deafult, sup. Its internet, mms ,or mms and internet

  117. Maria Testerman

    June 24, 2014 at 1:34 pm

    Obviously I have no clue as to what I am doing. Some days I don’t even know why I have a smartfone. I think its because of my children. But I do love the value of being a straighttalk user. I did purchase a used Samsung Galaxy 3s for my husband and myself. They work fine, through Wi-Fi. I have followed the APN settings for both att. and the wap.tracfone but they still won’t save when I add them. Both phones have been Verizon previously. Thanks to youtube I do know how to change the cdma to gsm settings. Please can you help me. I am pretty sure I need to get a straight talk sim card. can you help this ID10t error user?

  118. Daytona Jay Micale

    July 4, 2014 at 10:43 pm

    I have jumped into the wonderful world of Chinese Samsung Galaxy Replicas.. I have one Note 3 and 1 Galaxy S4 model.. everything seems to be the same except for the amount of RAM for some reason.. Which doesn’t allow 3g service except on AT&T and still only some areas.. otherwise.. 2g Edge network… I have yet to get any APN settings to work on these phones. I know there must be a way, I have heard a lot of people are happy with these and have no problems with them.. especially if your around a wifi network a lot because it runs like a rocket then.. either way I cant get the APN’s right to get it to attach a photo to a text..

  119. Donnie grissett

    July 21, 2014 at 6:13 pm

    Do you have a solution for AT&T galaxy s3 won’t send or receive photos

  120. Donnie grissett

    July 21, 2014 at 6:13 pm

    On strighttalk

  121. i figured out how to do the first one but have no clue how to do a second one for pic msgs. Keeps bringing me to same apn with no other choice and no way to add a second

  122. i just got a straight talk samsung galaxy ace…..once in a blue moon i can download a picture message in text…but not much..its driving me crazy..i have been online all day trying to troubleshoot…ive been a st customer for several years..my older phone did the same thing…i thought it was the phone…bought a new phone a week ago…same issue….help?

  123. straight talk headache

    August 24, 2014 at 11:08 pm

    I just thought I disliked Verizon, until I attempted to get assistance from Straight Talk. A true living nightmare. I have spent way too much $ and time following Straight Talk’s instructions plus trying every suggestion I can find online and still weeks later I am stuck with 2 phones that I cannot talk, text, or get online with without wifi. I can’t use any cellular data on either at all. I fully disclosed all details reguarding the 2 phones: models, #s, previous carrier, contract state, along with my needs and wants which included that the phones MUST run off of Verizon towers! At&t, TMobile, etc will not pick up a single bar at my home. Per Straight TaIk “supervisor’s” instructions, I purchased the byop kit with the SIM cards & network access code as well as phone cards for both. Straight Talk’s rep set them up on AT&T. They won’t fix this or help with the apn settings issues. Instead they now hang up on me when I call and ask for help. How can I change from AT&T towers to Verizon? I don’t want to have to spend more time & $ to make this work. I would like to keep the phone numbers Straight Talk assigned to own phones as they are active with several weeks left of unlimited talk, text, & data I’ve already paid for I just can’t use until that can be accomplished. I also need assistance with the correct apn settings (I’ve tried thousands) for Galaxy S5 & instructions on how to change apn settings + correct apn settings for iPhone 5s please. These were Verizon contract . From what I’ve read they are unlocked & possibly could be used as either cdma or gsm? I have the Verizon sim cards that were used in them before. I have the T-MOBILE & AT&T sim cards that came in the Straight Talk byop kit. There was not a Verizon sim in the kit but the sales associate said the network registration or access code enclosed was all that would be necessary to set up service using Verizon towers. Straight Talk will not allow me to complete cdma registration at all saying service is not available in my area. One possible issue I’m told is these two phones are 4g lte technology BUT we do not get 4g lte service in our city. We do not need it 3g worked fine on these phones when used here with Verizon service. AT&T is the 4g lte service offered in this area but we cannot get a signal to make a call here with anything other than Verizon. Please help!

    • I have a Verizon galaxy S5 contract phone, I ported my number over to straight talk 3 months into contract…. got a straight talk CDMA sim with network code…. works great!!!

  124. I have a Nokia Lumia 625 and I can’t seem to used my internet or picture texting. Any help is welcome.

  125. I want to know why my phone loading slow

  126. My sister in law gave me an iphone 3g. I’m a straight talk customer. The new sim is in & I can make calls & text…..but no internet unless I’m on wifi. I have tried 550 diff ways to change apn & have talked to 3 diff st reps….no luck!

  127. I tried this with my ST galaxy s4 and it will not let me save the new apn? I am stuck on Edge signal please help!

  128. I looked online for days before finally just calling straight talk to get my mms and net to work on my samsung galaxy s3. It took 5 minutes of them walking me through setting up a new apn for all to work properly.

    First off they told me the name does matter. The S and T must be capitalized and it needs to be like this:

    Name – Straight Talk

    APN – tfdata

    Proxy – proxy.mvno.tracfone.com

    Port – 80

    MMSC – http://mms.tf.net

    Multimedia message proxy – mms3.tracfone.com

    multimedia message port – 80

    MMC – 310

    MNC – 410

    APN type – default,mms,supl (no spaces)

  129. Ok I have a Huawei Fusion 3 Android 4.4.3. Why wont my phone send picture text messages?

    APN tfdata
    Proxy – proxy.mvno.tracfone.com
    MMSC – http://mms.tf.net
    MMS – mms3.tracfone.com
    mms port – 80
    APN type – default,supl,hipri

  130. It seems like my problem is unlike any others. I have an unlocked verizon galaxy s4 running on straight talk. my Internet cuts out constantly and I usually cannot send or receive texts. And lately I haven’t been able to connect to my home wifi. I have tried to clear the cache and reboot. I cannot, however, edit ANY APN settings as they are all greyed out and not able to be selected. Please tell me what I can do to be able to edit the APN or any other options to get this phone to work! I should also add that this phone worked perfectly on my wifi before I activated it with straight talk. Hope someone can help! I’ve spend days looking for a solution! Very much appreciated!

  131. Questionbi e seen many people on line saying do a seperate apn for mms messsages hpw does that work exactly because only one apn can b highlighted at a time. Just curious because i jave mine alll set up in one and where i do get pic messages i can mpt get animated mms messages or rather i do get them but there just a still pic so they dont play

  132. I have a HTC one + from att on straighttalk an it doesn’t send or receive picture messages can u help me ?please

  133. Heather, my. situation is similar to yours… what type of sim r u using in your phone? I tried putting my tmobile sim (straight talk byop from the current tmobile phone ive been using) into a verizon galaxy s3 . I can make and recieve calls, but im not sure on the accurate apn settigs to make the internet work. Where i live, the tmobile service from the towers makes my internet almost useless! Sos!

  134. I noticed you have ATT and Cingular info in your settings… Im sort of confused. I thought Straight talk was via Tracfone?

    I have a Galaxy S 3 That Im using with Straight Talk..
    Android 4.4.2

    These are the settings they tell me I should be using:

    APN Settings
    APN tfdata
    MMSC http://mms-tf.net
    MMS PROXY mms3.tracfone.com
    MMS PORT 80
    MMS_APN tfdata

    Updating your APN settings does not guarantee that MMS (Multimedia/Picture Messaging) will work. MMS is dependent upon your device’s limitations. If you have an iPhone and you would like to use MMS, you may need further changes in your iPhone in order to update your MMS settings. You may search online for more information.

    If I enter information like you have that says ATT or Cingular etc will it mess up the phone or maybe end up with charges I didnt intend?
    Im completely ignorant on how things like this works.

  135. I’ve had an s3 for 2 years and have had mms, but rarely ever any data. A month ago, I called about mms. They had me change apn settings, but still not working. I rebooted to start from scratch, but now it defaults to mobile apn. I click straight talk but it wont stay there. also, when I rebooted, some problem, message about SIM came up. However, I can make xxx all’s, so I doubt that. I may have to re-read your settings, but are we supposed to put Cingular in there? That’s old isn’t it? Please help. I’m so technology challenged that I probably shouldn’t even have this phone. Saving money isn’t saving, when it’s really just wasting money because I don’t have data or mms. Thank you.

  136. drowningsilence

    May 17, 2015 at 9:27 am

    Hey i got a verizon s4 with st/ at&t sim and i was using your apns to fix my mms but wouldnt work with apn my apn is tfdata and everything else u showed worked so far. Thanks for the info

  137. Do these settings work using the straight talk/t mobile sim card on my core2 android?

  138. Dear Derek,

    Yes, it should work, but you may need your personal settings.

    You can fill your phone No or last 15 digits from the backside of your SIM card at straight talk site and get your APN settings.

  139. i have the samsung s6 from att made into straight talk what are the apn settings please. do i have to put 2 apn in my phone?

  140. i have a zte rapido on straight talk thru verizon. i got the phone from a friend and i worked fine for 2 weeks. all of a sudden it started roaming. now i cant use it except for wifi.. what do i need to do to get my data back?

  141. i have a zte rapido. its a S.T. phone thru verizon coverage. i got it from a friend and it worked fine for a couple weeks, not it says its roaming and i cant make calls. the only time i can access the internet is thru wifi..what are the setting i need to get my data back?

  142. This is a longgg thread! I hope Wirevalley is still around….. OK… I just moved over to Straighttalk from Verizon, and the service is on Verizon’s network. I just hit the throttle back. What are the APN settings when using Straighttalk on Verizon? I am using a Kyocera Brigadier. Do I have to root the phone to make this APN change? As I go to that menu, I can edit the APN but all the other settings are grey and not editable. Thanks!

  143. Can you plz email me apn for straight talk AT&T lgl33l I’m not seeing it

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  146. I just got a free Straight Talk card code from httpp://straighttalkreloadcodes.com

  147. My phone is a wogi2 but it can only go up to 3g and I’m a ST but the phone is at&t and unlock. Nothing works.

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