Straight Talk: Day 2 and 3

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UPDATE: Great news for all you Straight Talk users! Since I’ve posted a few articles here on WireValley in regards to my experience with Straight Talk, APN settings, tutorials, screenshots, helping others, etc. I thought it would be a great idea to start a support website for all of us Straight Talk users!

Here is Day 1 with Straight Talk in case you missed it: Activation.

As my journey continues with Straight Talk I feel like something bad is just bound to happen. I’m constant checking my data usage via Android Ice Cream Sandwich’s built in feature, dreading the call from Straight Talk that I’ve used too much data, or waiting for my phone to go on the fritz. For the most part, everything seems to be working good.

On my way home from work today I was browsing the web like I normally do and quite a few web pages kept coming up as “could not be displayed.” I was thinking “oh great, my service has already been turned off.” I figured it was too good to be true. I had only used about 190 MB of service since Monday afternoon! However, I jumped to conclusions too fast. When I tried loading web pages on Ice Cream Sandwich’s stock browser, I kept getting the error message “authentication via the proxy server was unsuccessful.” From there I started Google’ing my problem.

What I was able to find is the error had to do with my APN settings. I deleted my APN settings in my Android phone and re-added them based on what information I could find from Straight Talk‘s website. I still had issues, so I decided to look for alternative APN settings. After locating these more thorough APN settings below, my service was restored completely:


Name: ST (or whatever you want)
APN: att.mvno
Port: 80
Username: Not set
Password: Not set
Server: Not set
MMSC: http: mmsc. cingular. com (**no spaces and no”//”**)
MMSC proxy:
MMS port: 80
MCC: 310
MNC: 410
Authentication Type: Not set
APN type: default,supl,mms (don’t include mms! Click here to read why and find out what settings to use for mms.)
APN protocol: IPv4
Bearer: Not specified


In my original APN settings I never had this entered: APN type: default,supl,mms  So it’s possible I caused my phone to misbehave this way from the beginning. I guess I’ll never know.


If you get the same error message I received, try these new APN settings above. Double, and triple check your settings, because I had the MMSC Proxy setting in the wrong place :-) It’s very easy to get the wrong settings entered on the wrong line.

Other than this little mishap my Straight Talk seems to be working fine and I’m connecting to WiFi as soon as I get to work and as soon as I get home. I’m streaming Pandora on the bus ride to and from work, along with loading 15-40 web pages per day. So far I’ve used right around 200MB since Monday afternoon.

Let me know how Straight Talk is working for you, or if you’re thinking about switching to Straight Talk!


  1. straightwalkietalkie

    December 24, 2012 at 1:49 am

    The ‘auth error’ was driving me crazy.
    Every time the base-station switched or the radio dropped signal, I’d start getting these auth errors, even though it had full bars.

    Clearly, it was the settings provided by ST.

    But now, with your new settings… it’s working perfectly.

    Thanks heaps!

    • I still get the Authentication Error a lot when I leave my house, my WiFi is still on, I turn it off, and then try to connect to the internet.

      The simple solution is to just toggle airplane mode On and then Off. I’m back in business.

      This is quite annoying, and I’m not sure if it’s Straight Talk, my phone, or both. It happens no matter what ROM I load onto my phone, so my guess is that it’s Straight Talk.

      Oh well, I guess you get what you pay for! I can handle toggling airplane mode on and then off 3-5 times a week to save $45/month .

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