This is a solution to fixing the voicemail notification that many custom Gingerbread ROMs are being plagued with. However, in the end I found this to be a much better fix because it’s a work-around to get FREE visual voicemail without having to pay Verizon $2 a month.

Visit the Android Market on your phone and search for “YouMail”. YouMail is a FREE voicemail alternative to your regular greeting. As many of us are finding out, when you load a custom Gingerbread ROM on your Android phone, we are NOT receiving voicemail notifications up in the notification bar. Therefore, we’re having to check for a voicemail after every single missed call.

After you download YouMail you’ll have to setup an account. The process takes 1-3 minutes. During the setup process, do NOT forget to tap the button which will start directing all missed calls to your YouMail. When you press this button your phone will dial out, you’ll hear about 4 beeps, and then your phone will hangup. Once this is done, your phone is all setup.

If you forgot to click this button or your voicemails are not being forwarded to YouMail, try the process again. Open the YouMail app on your phone > click the Menu button on your phone > click Help > then click Forward to YouMail. This should do it for you.


After YouMail is setup:

Now that you’re all setup with YouMail, there are a couple of things I would do. I would edit the way you are notified when you have a new voicemail. Turn off text message and e-mail delivery. The reason why? Because once you receive a new voicemail, YouMail will already display an icon up in the notification bar. If you’re notified via text AND e-mail, you’re going to receive 2 more icons up in your notification bar. HOW ANNOYING! So to turn off text and e-mail notifications follow these steps:

Open YouMail > click your Menu button > go to Preferences > Notification Settings > TXT/Email Alerts > then uncheck the box next to “TXT me” and “E-Mail me”.


You’ll then be all set. You’ll just see 1 icon up in the notification bar when you receive a new voicemail.


Benefits of YouMail:

what are the benefits of using YouMail over your standard voicemail setup? YouMail is considered visual voicemail which means you don’t have to play your messages in order if you have more than 1 voicemail. On top of that, you can skip, rewind, or even stop a voicemail at any moment.


To deactivate YouMail:

In the future (even if you restore your phone) you’ll have to deactivate YouMail to stop missed calls from going to YouMail. There are different instructions for doing this depending on which carrier you’re with. For your convenience, you can find the instructions here.