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Why I’m Passing on the New Nexus 7

Nexus 7

The new Nexus 7 was announced by Google on Wednesday, July 24th, for an AMAZING price, and pretty darn good specs!               Technical Details Summary Screen Size 7 inches Max Screen Resolution 1920*1200 pixels Processor 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 RAM 2 GB DDR3 Wireless Type 802.11bgn Number of...

Jelly Bean Running on AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III

Cyanogenmod 10

I have successfully been using Jelly Bean on my AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III since November 14th, and I love it! A lot of people said Ice Cream Sandwich was the Android operating system that Android should have been all along. I have to disagree and say they were wrong. Ice Cream Sandwich was still plagued with lags and stutters. Jelly Bean has...

Use Google’s Nexus 4 for $45 a month

Google Nexus 4

Google is pulling quite a few rabbits out of their magical hat lately! The Nexus tablets seem to be doing fairly well, and with the new Nexus 10 tablet coming soon at $100 cheaper than an iPad and Microsoft Surface, it’s a no brainier that Google is set to release their new Nexus 4 phone starting at $299 UNLOCKED. The $299 price will only...

Some Motorola Phones won’t Receive Jelly Bean 4.1

Motorola Jelly Bean Update

Back in September, Motorola Mobility announced that some of its handsets from 2011 and later wouldn’t be making the jump to Jelly Bean. In an effort to smooth things over with exiled customers, the company pledged that it would offer a $100 rebate to those who trade up to a select Motorola smartphone. Today, the Google-owned Android maker...

Android 4.2 ROM Leaked

Android 4.2

Google has been long rumored to plan the release of a new Android OS flavor before the end of this year, and not the Android 4.1.2 update that is currently rolling out on Nexus smartphones and on Motorola’s XOOM WiFi tablet PC. Dubbed Android 4.2 but with no sweet name next to it as of yet (although some suggest that Google will attach Jelly...

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