The Scream movies are my all time favorite horror movies. I’ve loved them ever since they first came out. I had no idea they were even making a Scream 4 until late 2010 when one of my sisters told me about it. As it slowly got closer and closer to the April 15, 2011 premier date, I continued to watch movie trailers online. However, I refused to read any spoiler alerts. I wanted to be totally surprised!

Scream 4 lived up to my expectations. It was everything I thought it would be. There were so many twists and turns that I had no idea who the killer was. Sidney Prescott (Nev Campbell) looked great as always. Out of all the original characters, it looks like she’s aged the least. When I think of the Scream movies, the first thing that comes to mind is that “horrific look” that Sidney always has when the killer is chasing her. She looks like she’s in pain and is ready to cry at any minute. I’m glad to see she was able to bring that character back to life after 10 years of being off screen.

The only thing I didn’t care for was all the high school kids. I didn’t like how the original cast was working with high school kids to solve the mystery. Gale Weathers snuck in to a high school party, but she had to wear a mask so none of the kids would recognize her. It just wouldn’t fly with the audience if this older chick shows up at a party like she did in Scream 1 and “hang out” with the kids. This whole plot of going back to high school and working with students didn’t settle with my very well. I wouldn’t have like to see something more like Scream 3 where there was no high school or college involved.

With that being said, I would have still gone no matter what. Scream is and always will be my favorite horror series.