Obama’s Birth Certificate – Let it Go Already!

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Donald Trump and all you other Republicans with a stick up your  ass, you need to drop it already! Personally, I think the president shouldn’t even have to release his birth certificate to the public. As far as I know, no other presidents have had to this. Donald Trump and all the other Republicans who have an issue with this topic are just trying to steal the spotlight. Donald Trump is thinking about running for president and I actually wouldn’t have minded to hear what he has to say. But now, after this, I don’t think I want to ever hear from Donald Trump again. He got what he wanted. Obama released his birth certificate. Now they’re calling it a fake? Come ‘on! How much longer are we going to drag this out? There are way more important issues to deal with.

I’m with Whoopi Goldberg on this one,  I’m going to pull the race card. They are only doing this because Obama is black and because of his last name. America is a melting pot and now days you have no idea who is legal or illegal. Lets drop this and move on to more important issues, such as the war and getting our troops out! How many more troops have to die because of President Bush’s mistake?


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  1. lol, I can just hear you saying this. :) I agree.

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