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Amazon Kindle 3 for Under $99

Amazon Kindle 3

I wrote an article back on May 11, 2011 about the new Kindle 3 Ad based version currently going for $114. I claimed the ad version was the way to go to save money, and I still agree with my decision today. Many people didn’t like that Amazon only dropped the price $25 to display ads on the Kindle. Some people thought the price should have...

Kindle 3 Ad-based Version

Kindle Ad Version 1

After I sold my iPad I knew I was going to be getting the Kindle 3. That was a no-brainer. However, I wasn’t sure which version I wanted to get. Do I pay only $114 to have a couple ads on the device, or pay $139 for an ad-free Kindle? After a friend bought the Kindle Ad version along with a case, her total ended up being only $129. I knew...

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