Das Bamf has come out with another custom Gingerbread ROM for the HTC Thunderbolt. This build is a hybrid of the 2.1 ROMs and Sense 3 ROMs all rolled into one big hot-swappable “uber” ROM.

Team Bamf is calling this a “preview” build. Therefore, it is not a final build, will have bugs, and is missing some features. Now as far as this build having bugs.. I haven’t really come across any besides my Hulu not working which was the same on the RC4.9 build. Otherwise, when I turn on my phone with this “Uber” ROM, it loads quicker and it feels very stable!

Das Bamf has also recommended using the new leaked radio with this custom ROM. Therefore, I am also running the “GB Alpha radio 2.01.605.0″ I’m not quite sure what the improvements are over using this radio. However, I haven’t had any real issues so I am just going to keep this radio flashed to my phone vs. the MR2 radio I’ve been using.

I think the biggest improvement that I can physically see over the MR2 radio is that the cell phone bars no longer will completely drop off the screen randomly. Not that I would lose service when this happened, but the cell phone bars would drop for a second and then come back automatically when I was using the MR2 radio. I’m not seeing that with this new leaked radio.


With that being said, feel free to download Das Bamf’s Uber BAMF PR2 (preview 2) PREVIEW 3 (Updated Release) HERE.

If you’re looking to download the new leaked Gingerbread Radio, you can find that HERE on the message board under the tools section.


Changelog For uber BAMF:

  • No more auto wifi bullcrap, courtesy of our very own Ihtfp69
  • Tweaks moved from init.d files to kernel ramdisk
  • Fixed init.d support
  • Slight installer script tweaking (teamwin works, but some functionality is lost)
  • Fixed market fingerprint, which will now show all market apps and may? restore them now.
  • Added Wake on Volume to BAMFSettings
  • Added BAMFSettings to app drawer.



Frankly, these screenshots are old, but you get the idea.