Apple already sells millions iOS devices and make billions of dollar each year. Even then, it doesn’t mean that we should buy all products that it has released. Although the company strives hard to achieve new standards in the industry, but there could be a few things that don’t match our expectations. There are reasons that the Watch, at least its first model, won’t meet our requirements:

  1. It’s expensive: For many customers, price has been a serious issue. However, the company is blessed by its loyal customers. It is believed that the Watch will be sold at about $349. Obviously, it’s a bit too much compared to the Pebble watches and other Android-based models. Pebble is selling its devices at $200, while Android watches are available between $200 and $250. Many would agree that having an Watch on our wrist is cool, due to its many potential benefits. However, many would be a little reluctant to buy a smartwatch model at $349. But if we want a watch with built-in iOS features on our wrist, then probably we should buy it.
  2. Questionable battery life: It won’t be too hard to name a few Apple products with great battery life. It is suggested that the Watch will be operational at less than 10 hours, which is rather disappointing for an iOS device. With less than adequate battery life, it may be hard for the watch to keep with our iPhone and iPad. It means, users could be obligated to bring a charger with them and this could make the watch rather unpractical.
  3. It’s an early version: It is a well-known issue that Apple‘s first version models are cursed. The company is able to reach its quality standard with the 2nd or 3rd model. In this case, we may need to wait for another year and hopefully, the 2nd Watch model will be much more improved.
  4. Mediocre design: Apple is known for its marvelous designs, but in this case, the Watch may not measure up to the current market standard. At the moment, the Motorola Moto 360 is still the best looking model on the smartwatch market. Apple will certainly able to catch up in terms of design, but probably not with the first Watch model.