You already knowyou can use your smartphone to update your Facebook status and play cool games, but the device can also be good for your career. These five smartphone apps can help you jump start your current career — or move on to a new one.


#1 — CamCard

If you are a working professional, you probably have plenty of business cards kicking around your wallet, hiding in your desk and scattered around your home. Each business card represents a valuable contact and part of your professional network, so give them the respect they deserve.

The CamCard smartphone app stores your business card collection safely and securely. With the click of a button, the app extracts the contact information from each card and stores it for you. You can even add notes about each contact and sort them into different categories

#2 — Felt

Sometimes the best way to move up the career ladder is to move on to greener pastures. Proper interviewing etiquette is more important than ever before, and that includes sending a handwritten thank you note to the interviewer or hiring manager.

The Felt smartphone app streamlines that process and makes it much easier. This app is only available for the Apple platform, but it lets you choose a card background and ink color to create your thank you card. You can even use a stylus (or your finger) to hand sign the card. The app sends the resulting design to a local print shop and even puts it in the mail for you.

#3 — iPQ Career Planner

This app is also designed to help you find your dream job, in this case by serving as an online career coach. The iPQ Career Planner, available on the iOS platform, helps you identify the perfect job, and then it helps you get the gig.

It all starts with a comprehensive careers assessment which identifies your strengths and weaknesses. The app uses your answers to determine which occupation is right for you, and then provides guidance and support as you support your dream job.

#4 — Time Recording

This Android app is the perfect way to prepare for your annual review or ask for a raise. The Time Recording app keeps track of the hoursyou spend on specific tasks and projects, making it easy point out everything you do for your employer.

The Time Reporting app is also a great way for attorneys, accountants and others to track their billable hours Professionals can even use the information generated to create invoices and bill clients.

#5 — Quit YourJob

If you have decided that your current gig is not the right fit for you, this iOS app helps you make a graceful exit. The aptly named Quit Your Job app lets you enter pertinent information like whyyou are leaving and where you are going. It then generates a clever text message you can send to the big bosses when you are ready to say your goodbyes.

You might not want to use this app until you have used Felt and iPQ Career Planner to get your new gig, but the Quit Your Job app can be a great way to say goodbye and good riddance.