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This is in respones to my article I wrote back on May 18, 2011. I talked about how Comcast has a bandwidth limit of 250GB per month. Supposedly, if you go over this limit they give you a call to warn you. If you go over this limit again within 12 months, you are suspended for 1 year and cannot get Internet through Comcast!

As you can see in my old article, I used over 400GB of bandwidth in March. Now, for my next update, I used a whopping 1,195GB in the month of May! That comes out to almost a full 1.2TB used. Even after using this much bandwidth up, I still have not been called by Comcast.

After going over the 250GB limit twice within the last few months, I can only guess that Comcast maybe calls people who live in more populated areas. I have no idea how accurate my guess is, so please do not make any decisions to go over your bandwidth limit based off this article. Unless, Comcast has too many customers to call because that many people are going over? Otherwise, my other guess would be Comcast says they have a 250GB bandwidth limit but they don’t enforce it (which seems unlikely.)

Oh, FYI- if you’re wondering why I used so much bandwidth in May, it’s because I installed a new RAID card in my super computer and I had to redownload all my movies, TV shows, music, pictures, software, etc.

If you have Comcast, please let me know if you’ve ever gone over. Have you ever been called my Comcast?


  1. I was disconnected in June due to overusage in April/May. I think I went over by 100 GB. I had to call a security line where I was asked if I download movies. I said I watch a lot of Netflix, even though I do torrent a good amount of files. My internet was reinstated in an hour. Yesterday, I was disconnected again due to overuse in June. I tried to call the security line again and was told I could be re-connected in a year. Motherfuckers. 

    • That stinks! I wonder how they determine who to block and who not to block. As you can see in my pictures, I’ve gone WAY over (in the TBs) and still haven’t been blocked. I live in the Twin Cities Metro area, so a pretty populated area.

      What state you located in? What are you going to do now? Switch to DSL? One thing you could do, if you live with a roomate (assuming you’re not married or live alone) you could always rejoin under their name. I use to do that ALL the time to take advantage of their promos for 6-12 months.

  2. I’m currently in this situation right now and I found out just today. Here’s my screenshot:

    I still have not been called my comcast yet and I live in the bay area which is pretty populated. Looks like I’m about to go over my third time.

    • You must be one of the lucky ones like me that doesn’t get called my Comcast :-)

      I too live in a pretty populated area (the twin cities in Minnesota) probably not as big as the bay area, but still over 2 million people.

      Thanks for the comment! Don’t forget to like me on Facebook :)

  3. I average about 300-400gb a month, no call yet. I live in a city of 45,000. Average connection speed averages about 23mb.

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