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Comcast Axes 250GB Bandwidth Limit


Last year I wrote articles about how I frequently went over Comcast’s 250GB threshold and was NEVER called or warned about going. I feel that Comcast monitored its network by region and would not call people in regions that were less threatened by network congestion. Thus, living in a suburb of the Twin Cities, I hardly doubt most my...

Comcast Bandwidth Limit

Comcast Bandwidth Used 1200GB in May, 2011

This is in respones to my article I wrote back on May 18, 2011. I talked about how Comcast has a bandwidth limit of 250GB per month. Supposedly, if you go over this limit they give you a call to warn you. If you go over this limit again within 12 months, you are suspended for 1 year and cannot get Internet through Comcast! As you can see in my old...

Bandwidth Usage- NetFlix, Hulu, BitTorrent

Bandwidth Meter

How much bandwidth do you use in a month? 20GB? 50GB? 200GB? What about 500GB? As of today, May 18, 2011 I’ve used 582GB and still counting. Now, Comcast does have a cap at 250GB per month, but they have not called me (yet). Supposedly, if you reach the 250GB limit, they give you a call and if you go over again in the next 12 months they...

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