The Pros and Cons of the Android Operating System

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While Apple still commands a large share of the Smartphone market, devices based on the Android operating system have been making steady inroads. Many people prefer Android-based smart phones over the iPhone, but it is important for would-be Android buyers to look at both the advantages and drawbacks of the alternative operating system.

Let’s start by taking a look at some of the things people love about the Android operating system.

Easy customization — Many iPhone owners do not like being locked into a single unchangeable platform. The Android operating system, on the other hand, is easy to customize, and with more than one million Android developers there is no shortage of help available.

Handywidgets— Widgets allow users of Android-based smart phones to plug applications and programs in right from the homepage, without opening an app. Android phones include widgets for media players, social media sites, news feeds, email and other frequently used applications

Personalized options— Many Android users find their smart phones easier to use and easier to personalize than iOS devices.

Easier messaging — The Android operating system includes a swipe style keyboard for typing long messages and even a speech-to-text feature.

Of course not everything is perfect in Android land. There are some things that Android users do not like, including the following.

Potential security problems — The open-source nature of the Android operating system is a double-edged sword. Developers are free to create their own apps and improve the system, but the fact that anyone can make changes can create security a problem.

OS Fragmentation — The open-source Android operating system can also result in fragmentation, or more than one version of the OS on the market at the same time. Phone carriers often hold back the newest versions of the software, and that can make the fragmentation problem worse.

Cluttered desktop— Smartphone owners who move from the Apple iPhone to an Android device often complain that the desktop is too cluttered and disorganized.

Mobile phone technology is always changing. The more you know about the various options and operating systems, the easier it will be to make an intelligent and informed decision. Understanding the pros and cons of the Android operating system is essential, especially if you are in the market for a new phone.

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  1. I have a galaxy grand prime, and it does not offer apn settings. I purchased 2 plans this month within 2 weeks the $55.00 plan and the $45.00 plan, and yet I’m on 2g’s now. Smfh

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