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Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

Galaxy S III

It’s here, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has arrived. Well, almost. Depending on the carrier, you may not see it for a week or two, but the time is certainly upon us. Are you ready for one phone, in two colors, on all carriers? Are you ready for 2GB of RAM? How about a phone that lets you and your friends share the world with a couple of clicks? Do...

Samsung Galaxy S3 Released June 18th for AT&T

Samsung Galaxy S3

While the phone makers advertise that the Galaxy was built to “make life easier,” some of its attempts to do so are both neat and stalker-ish. One such feature includes the “I am watching you” cam. Technically referred to as the “Smart Stay,” the “front-facing camera can identify your eyes-while reading an...

Samsung Galaxy Note Ice Cream Sandwich Update Causing Problems

Galaxy Nexus ICS 4.0

It hasn’t been too long since we’ve heard reports about the Ice Cream Sandwich update rolling out for the international Samsung Galaxy Note alongside the Premium Suite. Although things looked pretty well at start, it seems that the update might cause some minor issues as a quite large number of Galaxy Note owners around the world have started...

Samsung Galaxy Note Ice Cream Sandwich

Galaxy Note Ice Cream Sandwich

Ugghh, I’m kind of frustrated, but I knew this was going to happen. Samsung announced that they are going to delay the release of Ice Cream Sandwich for the Samsung Galaxy Note. I knew when I dropped down from Verizon, from the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, to the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note I would be on Gingerbread for a while. This is the...

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