This is in response to my article I wrote about the Kindle being less than $99 (in theory). Here’s a recap of what I wrote, if you’re already familiar, skip ahead:


How has the price of the Kindle already dropped below $99? If you didn’t already know, the ads that are displayed on the Kindle can only be redeemed by people who own the ad-based version. Picture it as an exclusive club to get into. For instance, one ad I’ve already jumped on immediately was a $20 Amazon gift card for $10. That’s $10 I got for FREE from Amazon! Take that $10 and deduct it from the price of the Kindle ($114 – $10) and you’re already down to $104. You would not be able to get this offer if you purchased the more expensive Kindle.

Now, onto the second ad, I purchased $10 in eBooks from Amazon and got another $10 Amazon gift card! Subtract that $10 from the now $104 price ($104 – $10) and the Kindle has now cost me only $94! I am now below the $99 price range that many claimed is where the Kindle should have started at in the first place.


I just got another interesting ad from Amazon and I jumped on it right away! Amazon gave me $5 in FREE instant video rentals! So basically I’ll get a FREE HD movie rental! If I take this $5 off my $94 price, I’m down to $89!

Keep the ads coming Amazon! So far they’ve been amazing!