Month: May 2015

Four Ways Sony Contribute Significantly to the Mobile Devices Industry

Sony is still struggling to compete with Samsung and Apple in the mobile industry. In fact, its smartphone division continue to record significant net loss. The Japanese company also decided to pull the plug on its portable gaming platform, the Playstation Mobile. It makes a perfect business sense for Sony to offload its smartphone business and...

5 Great Smartphone Apps to Kick Your Career Into Overdrive

You already knowyou can use your smartphone to update your Facebook status and play cool games, but the device can also be good for your career. These five smartphone apps can help you jump start your current career — or move on to a new one. #1 — CamCard If you are a working professional, you probably have plenty of business cards kicking...

Four Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Apple Watch


Apple already sells millions iOS devices and make billions of dollar each year. Even then, it doesn’t mean that we should buy all products that it has released. Although the company strives hard to achieve new standards in the industry, but there could be a few things that don’t match our expectations. There are reasons that the Watch,...

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