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The Best of the Best Business Smartphone

galaxy note 2

In the beginning of 2013, the Windows Phone 8 operating system overtook BlackBerry to become the third-most popular mobile operate system in the world after Google Android and Apple iOS. Manufacturers with devices running Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system includes HTC, Nokia, Samsung and Huawei, with Nokia offering by far the most...

Seven Things About Android 5.0.1 Update That We Should Worry About

Multiple bug fixes have been included in the Android 5.0.1 update and there are a few concerns that we should think about. In fact, some people may need to consider skipping the update entirely. The original Lollipop update was released for multiple Nexus and Google Play Edition devices. There are a number of new enhancement and features we could...

Five Amazing Things About Google Nexus 6

Google Nexus 6

Deciding which mobile device to buy this holiday season means choosing between many excellent devices in the market and here are five great things about Google Nexus 6, we should consider: It is a big device: The Apple iPhone 6 Plus is clearly a difference with its much bigger footprint, but the Google Nexus 6 is still a bigger alternative with...

Three Things to Consider When Choosing Between Smartphones, Phablets and Tablets

Smartphones, Phablets and Tablets

Many people are looking for smartphones or tablets, while others prefer devices with capabilities of both. Phablets are a new category in the mobile market. Despite the new additions of devices, there are still good reasons to stick with smartphones or bigger tablets. Regardless of our preferences, we should be able to decide what alternative is...

Four Reasons High-End Android Smartphones Are Still Better Than Apple iPhone 6


Many people want to get their hands on Apple’s new smartphone models, the iPhone 6 and its larger sibling, iPhone 6 Plus. However, we should be aware that Apple’s new phone could still be a disappointment compared to current high-end Android models. Here are reasons users of Android smartphones should still look forward for upcoming...

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