Association of fashion is no longer just clothing. Both women and men, fashion accessories also means attached to the body, not to mention smartphones.

Evidently, this time not only the fashion designer or accessories that are constantly innovating to design the latest works in order to follow the development of fashion. In fact, smartphones initially function to communicate, now also can be a part of the world of fashion accessories.

Smart phone vendors are now competing to innovate continuously bring devices that can be used as a complement to dress in order to create an elegant impression. One is the Oppo.

More recently, through the latest series R1X, Oppo offers a blend of sophistication of the smartphone world with the elegance of the fashion world. By prioritizing diamond cut design on the back cover are the main attraction, Oppo trying to penetrate a new trend in the fashion world for smartphones.

The back of the smart phone made using UV embossing technique. This technique creates a light and a dark area gradation of three-dimensional effect. If in a relaxed atmosphere, formal, casual or attending an official function though, R1X dominant with glass material will create the impression of an elegant, charming and supporting its appearance. Moreover, the aluminum alloy material for the skeleton, the body also looks solid.

Not be denied, the use of aluminum alloy in this smart phone premium add flavor to the product. Not only guarantees the display of fashion to be beautiful, but also provide protection for the device in it.

Oppo did polish the frame R1x that emits a sparkling impression. Penampangnya also fine that strengthens it looks more premium, but still comfortable in the hand.

In addition to strong, alumuniom lightest metal alloy classified. This metal is widely used in components requiring high strength, yet flexible and lightweight, for example, to the material plane or ship’s hull. Then, why the material is now widely used as a framework for a smartphone?

As is known, aluminum is an excellent heat conductor. The heat generated by components inside smartphones, misalnyaprosesor and GPU, its temperature will be easily propagated through the material aluminum.

The distributed temperature will make the cooling device will go faster. This material is very flexible to be formed, besides the strength also very good to protect components from impact.