The current Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is among the best phablet models in the market. But unfortunately, it may not be good enough for some people, especially after Apple releases its first phablet, the iPhone 6 Plus. However, here are six things Samsung could do to improve its upcoming phablet:

  1. Premium aluminium design: Apple manages to release devices that feel and look premium. Overall, the Galaxy Note 4 seems to have inferior build material compared to the Apple iPhone 6. It is a good thing that Samsung has added the metal frame to the new Note 4, but overall, it is still a plastic device. As a comparison, the iPhone 6 Plus has both a metal frame and aluminium body.
  2. Thinner chasses: One important aspect of high-end phablet is thinner chassis. The iPhone 6 Plus is thinner at only 7.1mm, while the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is thicker at 8.5mm. Thinner chassis should make the phone easier to hold, although Samsung should still consider making its phablet reasonably durable.
  3. Improve the display: The Note 4 comes with excellent pixel density, which result in sharper and crisper rendering on the display. The AMOLED panel is known for its great color reproduction. As comparison, the IPS LCD panel used by the iPhone 6 Plus produces 30 percent brighter light. The display of Note 4 also seems to suffer when it is under the direct sunlight.
  4. Improve the video recording feature: The Apple iPhone 6 Plus has slow motion video recording and it could record 240fps videos. As comparison, the Note 4 could only deliver 120fps for video recording.
  5. Add reachability feature: It is a bit tricky to reach objects on the display with only one hand when we use devices with displays larger than 5-inch. The iPhone 6 Plus comes with the reachability feature that can be enabled by double-pressing the Home button. Then entire display will lower down and shrink, so we could reach the top parts of the interface with only one hand.
  6. TouchWiz version that supports landscape orientation: The iPhone 6 Plus works well when we use it vertically and horizontally. With horizontal orientation, we may feel that it is like using a small tablet. The user interface will be aligned and adjusted properly when the iPhone 6 Plus is used horizontally. Unfortunately, the Galaxy Note 4 doesn’t offer the same functionality, due to the limitation of TouchWiz UI.