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  1. I recently switched my Pantech P2030 to Straight Talk Att service from ATT. I can no longer send or receive pictures through text messaging. I also want to be albe to connect to the web and mobile e-mail – but have not been able to do any of this. Is there any way you could give me a hand with this?

  2. I have a Pantech 2030 that I just transferred over to straight talk. I cannot send or receive any pics. I’ve tried changing the settings but to be honest between network connection, connectivity and the multimedia message settings – I don’t know where or what to change.

  3. I have a straight talk phone that has a root lock how can i disable it and set up my own root control settings

  4. I have a T-mobile S4 that I am trying to put on straight talk. What are the apn settings for Straight Talk with a T-mobile straight talk sim card?

  5. I have a T-mobile S4 I want to put on straight talk. I have the T-mobile straight talk sim card. What is apn settings?

  6. Hello!

    Faye, may you provide your phone number or last 15 digits of SIM-card (usually at the backside of SIM-card)?
    I need it to give you new APN settings. I will try to help you.

  7. In unable yo find you on fb. So hopefully you still check this. Do you know about rooting and more importantly flashing in case my phone goes to black like i read this one lady’s did with the same phone on s.t.wits the Huawei Raven H892L. If you have time I’d like to pick your brain. Thanks!

  8. I have an unlocked note 2 and i need the straight talk apn settings

  9. I have a Samsung Galaxy s5 active through Straight Talk using AT&T network . What APN settings would I need to use? I also use Handcent sms as my default messaging app and I am unable to send pictures via text BUT I can send pictures through Facebook messenger.

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