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New Straight Talk Ultimate APN Settings

straight talk wireless

This is a follow up to my article I wrote last year regarding Straight Talk’s Ultimate APN settings for Android. Straight Talk has now come out with new APN settings which allow users to connect via LTE if they have a Straight Talk AT&T sim card. Below are the new APN settings provided by Straight Talk. They seem to work pretty good so...

Why I’m Passing on the New Nexus 7

Nexus 7

The new Nexus 7 was announced by Google on Wednesday, July 24th, for an AMAZING price, and pretty darn good specs!               Technical Details Summary Screen Size 7 inches Max Screen Resolution 1920*1200 pixels Processor 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 RAM 2 GB DDR3 Wireless Type 802.11bgn Number of...

Want to run your own blog?

Web Hosting

Friends and family always ask me how to get started blogged, how I make money blogging, where to begin, etc. I have decided to create a small web hosting company for any of my followers that would like to start their own blog just like Feel free to contact me if you think you’d be interested! I am offering 1 year of FREE...

The Best Music Program to Sync Your Android Phone


I have finally found a program that allows me to sync my music collect to my Android phone flawlessly! At the time I tried Doubletwist, MTP devices were not support (not sure if they still are.) Winamp would sync my music, but every time I would reconnect my phone to sync, Winamp would tell me that 60 or so tracks are missing on my Android device....

How to use a 64GB Micro SD card with any Android phone

64GB Micro SD Card

I lost my Samsung Galaxy S III at the bar Sad I know, right? I bought that sucker at full price too in July of 2012! $570. I was heart broken. Anyway, I am now using the Samsung Galaxy Note II. I have been adding quite a bit of music to my collection, so I thought I should purchase a 64GB sd card this time for my phone instead of a 32GB micro sd...

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