Month: March 2013

The Best Music Program to Sync Your Android Phone


I have finally found a program that allows me to sync my music collect to my Android phone flawlessly! At the time I tried Doubletwist, MTP devices were not support (not sure if they still are.) Winamp would sync my music, but every time I would reconnect my phone to sync, Winamp would tell me that 60 or so tracks are missing on my Android device....

How to use a 64GB Micro SD card with any Android phone

64GB Micro SD Card

I lost my Samsung Galaxy S III at the bar Sad I know, right? I bought that sucker at full price too in July of 2012! $570. I was heart broken. Anyway, I am now using the Samsung Galaxy Note II. I have been adding quite a bit of music to my collection, so I thought I should purchase a 64GB sd card this time for my phone instead of a 32GB micro sd...

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