Month: November 2012

Jelly Bean Running on AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III

Cyanogenmod 10

I have successfully been using Jelly Bean on my AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III since November 14th, and I love it! A lot of people said Ice Cream Sandwich was the Android operating system that Android should have been all along. I have to disagree and say they were wrong. Ice Cream Sandwich was still plagued with lags and stutters. Jelly Bean has...

Use Google’s Nexus 4 for $45 a month

Google Nexus 4

Google is pulling quite a few rabbits out of their magical hat lately! The Nexus tablets seem to be doing fairly well, and with the new Nexus 10 tablet coming soon at $100 cheaper than an iPad and Microsoft Surface, it’s a no brainier that Google is set to release their new Nexus 4 phone starting at $299 UNLOCKED. The $299 price will only...

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