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The Big Apple

Times Square NYC

I’m heading to Times Square, New York City tomorrow morning. I’m so excited! This will be my 6th time to NYC, but it never gets old. I love the atmosphere, the people, and the energy! As the plane starts to descend into LaGuardia Airport and I begin to see the skyscrapers, my heart begins to beat faster and faster! I feel like a fat...

Gay Marriage on 2012 Ballot

Defend Stupid Marriage

I just read this article on a local new station’s website over Gay Marriage in Minnesota. Come on people… get over it and just pass it already! We have bigger issues to worry about! When this law finally gets passed (in all 50 states) the world is still going to turn and life is still going to move forward. It’s not going to...

Bandwidth Usage- NetFlix, Hulu, BitTorrent

Bandwidth Meter

How much bandwidth do you use in a month? 20GB? 50GB? 200GB? What about 500GB? As of today, May 18, 2011 I’ve used 582GB and still counting. Now, Comcast does have a cap at 250GB per month, but they have not called me (yet). Supposedly, if you reach the 250GB limit, they give you a call and if you go over again in the next 12 months they...

HP Laptop Repair


I ended up having to send my brand new HP DV6Z SE laptop in for repair. The screen started flickering during the bootup stage. Although, not as bad as the first couple days, it’s still flickering and it shouldn’t be doing that on a brand new laptop. I may startup the computer 15-20 times without the screen flickering, and then...

My HP Laptop Experience

HP Logo

I usually don’t have a problem with HP computers or their tech support. However, with any company, a customer’s experience can be somewhat unsatisfactory. I ordered the HP DV6Z laptop and during the last step of the checkout, the image of the computer changed colors. The color of the laptop that was shown on the original page was a...

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