Month: July 2012

Android Tops iOS as Top Mobile Ad Platform

Android Eats Apple

  According to the Q2 report from publishing firm AdFonic, Android has surpassed iOS for the first time in the number of mobile ad impressions served globally. Google’s Android operating system accounts for 46% of the ads served by Admedia during Q2 2012 (up from 38% in Q1), while iOS stands at 34 percent, down 11 points since Q1. Although...

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S III

Root Galaxy S III

So you’ve just bagged yourself a gleaming newSamsung Galaxy S3 and you already want to root around in Android’s murky depths? Step this way, friend, and let me take you through the process. If you think of your phone as a computer, rooting it is like being given administrator rights; you can edit and mess around with things that...

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